The FireFox Search For “Foolproof Suffocation” That The Prosecution Missed

WKMG of Orlando reveals that key records of Casey Anthony’s alleged FireFox internet browsing on the day that Caylee Anthony went missing never made it to prosecutors. The prosecutors’ request for Casey Anthony’s internet browsing came in relatively late, and subsequently the Orange County Sheriff’s Office only provided less than 2 percent of the of the computer’s activity from June 16th, 2008. The spreadsheet that was provided by the Sheriff’s office to prosecutors was of internet activity from the Internet Explorer browser, with 17 “vague entries” while the Firefox browser produced 1,247 entries. One of the entries  was for a search of “foolproof suffication (sic)” which led to a site that was accessed 5 seconds later, which detailed that the best way to carry out foolproof suffocation was through poison, then suffocation through plastic bags. This is the same manner in which prosecutors claim Caylee Anthony was murdered, along with duct tape over her mouth. There is the question as to whether it was Casey or her father who made the searches, but computer records (such as someone logging into Casey Anthony’s password-protected MySpace and AOL Instant Messenger accounts around the same time) and circumstantial evidence (father George leaving for work) strongly point to Casey Anthony as the one who made the “foolproof suffication” search. While forensic experts within the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were not able to surface this crucial chunk of information within the three years of the prepping for the Casey Anthony case a web sleuth and her colleague were able to extract it in a few hours.
Said defense attorney Jose Baez, “We were waiting for the state to bring it up. And when they didn’t, we were kind of shocked.”

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Main photo: AP Photo/Joe Burbank, File


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