Proof That Food Can Be Punishment – A Typical Jodi Arias Meal

As we’ve read elsewhere, one of the expenses that profits from the sale of Jodi Arias’ artwork was dedicated to was for better food, and at looking at the photo further below we can see why it’s a priority.

Arias, if you will recall, is housed in one of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s prisons. Arpaio, the self-styled “America’s Toughest Sheriff” is known the world over for his publicity-seeking edicts and his prison-as-punishment mantra, which he has gone to extra lengths to make his inmates fully aware of, including restricting meals to twice a day, not offering meat,  and serving moldy bread and rotten fruit.

While we don’t detect any mold on the bread nor see any decay with the oranges, we can’t actually smell the food, which might not be the case with the anchorwoman in the photo.


(And what the heck is that stuff closest to the Sheriff’s hand?!)

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

  • Andrea June

    There are innocent people literally dying to have a wonderful meal like this. I’m sorry but I have no sympathy on this subject.

  • DJ

    Prisoners in other countries, such as Peru, would consider this a gourmet meal. She is lucky to get this. Ahh, boo hoo, Jodi!

  • ASAP Danny

    boo hoo dumb bitch murdered the guy expecting a-class food dumb broad and made multiple stories about self defense and never being there sorry excuse my langauge

  • notsobigspender

    “BAD” jail food???? What about people who are living at poverty or below poverty level through no choice of their own? Or people who have been at their jobs for 25 years and suddenly are unemployed? THESE are the people who are struggling to get a balanced diet, while paying for it out of their own pocket! “CRIMINALS'” meals are paid for by taxpayers. BE GRATEFUL U have ANYTHING!