Amanda Knox’s Odd Behavior

Despite Rudy Guede’s admission of guilt and a wealth of overwhelming evidence against him including his DNA and bloody foot and hand prints all over the crime scene much of the Italian public (as well as the family of Meredith Kercher) still believe that Amanda Knox is guilty of murder. Much of this can be attributed to what is perceived as her behavior during the course of the Kercher murder investigation and her imprisonment, including the alleged:

  • doing “cartwheels” while at the police station in Perugia
  • related to the above, her practicing yoga while in custody
  • being overly affectionate with Sollecito at inappropriate times
  • buying “lingerie” days after the murder
  • being a cold, emotionally distant “Ice Queen”
  • writing in her diary “I’d really like to say I could kill for a pizza but it doesn’t seem right”
  • and more.

(AP Photo/Stefano Medici)

  • Hilary

    I just read the Wikipedia about this murder. This woman may be guilty, sure, but the “odd behavior” described above seems like it may be inaccurate. The “lingerie purchase” was Knox buying underwear during the time in which she had no access to her clothes in her flat. She claims that she was stretching in the waiting room of the police station but denies doing cartwheels. In the video where she is kissing her Sollecito, she claims to have previously been sitting with him in the car, crying and shaking, then got out and kissed him. Yoga hardly seems like strange behavior for someone under stress. No explanation for the “I’d kill for pizza” comment except idiocy.