5 Handsome Devils Who Will Make You Never Trust Men Again

Full of passion, potential, and inner rage, these men are beautiful on the outside, not on the inside..

1. Robert Chambers – The Preppie Murderer had served as an altar boy in his youth but is the furthest thing from angelic, having been filmed making fun of his victim 18-year old Jennifer Levin years later..

2) Scott Peterson – Right after his pregnant wife of 8 months disappeared Scott Peterson signed up for two pornographic tv channels and continued his relationship with his mistress..


3. Orenthal James Simpson – Radiating beauty, charm, ease, and the need to hold up memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas at gunpoint, among other misdeeds. Oh OJ!.

oj simpson, video, thumb


4. Andrew Cunanan – He could easily switch looks from that of a Skolnick-like DOS coder to a smouldering discotech prince faster than you could eject a 3.5 inch floppy disk..

andrew cunanan, play, thumb


5. Joran Van Der Sloot – Tall, handsome, athletic, and Dutch. Plus he grew up in Aruba. What more could any kid ask for?

handsome devils, joran van der sloot, aruba, chile



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