9 Stalkers That Make Us Glad We’re Not Famous

Most people out there envy the rich and famous . When you think about fame you can usually envision money, power, adoration, and everything that comes along with it. But have you every really stopped to consider the everything part? Sometimes everything comes with a price. Here are some folks who prove that point all too well.

1. Robert John Bardo – having previously stalked child peace activist Samantha Smith he turned his sights to star of “My Sister Sam” Rebecca Schaeffer in 1986 after Smith’s death in a plane crash. Bardo, angered after seeing Schaeffer in a sex scene in “Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills” decided her needed to “rescue her” after she “lost her innocence.” Bardo showed up at her apartment and after a brief encounter Bardo returned and shot Schaeffer in the chest. According to Bardo’s testimony to police the last thing Rebecca screamed out before she died was “WHY?”

 Robert John Bardo, 19, is shown in this police handout photo, July 1989. Bardo is being held in connection with the shooting death of actress Rebecca Schaeffer in Los Angeles, California. In Dec. 1991, Bardo was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. (AP Photo)

Robert John Bardo, 19, is shown in this police handout photo, July 1989.. (AP Photo)

2. John Hinckley, Jr. – Obsessed with the movie “Taxi Driver,” which starred his unrequited love Jodi Foster but also had the plot point where the main character Travis Bickle, tries to assassinate a presidential candidate, Hinckley put two and two together and wrote a letter to Jodi. In the letter he stated that “…The reason I’m going ahead with this attempt [on the president’s life] now is because I cannot wait any longer to impress you.” And on March 30, 1981 he shot President Reagan six times while he was leaving a Hilton Hotel in D.C. What happened to candy and flowers?

The FBI released this self-portrait of John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate President Reagan in March, 1981. The picture was made with a polaroid camera. It was part of the evidence used in Hinckley's trial. ©BETTMAN/Corbis

The FBI released this self-portrait of John Hinckley. ©BETTMAN/Corbis

3. Margaret Mary Ray – Ray suffered from schizophrenia and erotomania. For 10 years she stalked talk show host Dave Letterman. She was first introduced to the public in 1988 when she was arrested for not paying the $3.00 toll at The Lincoln Tunnel in New York. Apparently she was also driving Letterman’s stolen Porsche with her 3-year-old son as her accomplice. Talk about hutzpah. She tried to claim that Letterman was her husband and that her son was his child. Over the years she was arrested eight times for trespassing on his property.  After finally being released from prison in 1990 she turned her attentions over to astronaut Story Musgrave.

Credit: Zimbio

Credit: Zimbio

4. Mark David Chapman – Catcher in the Rye obsessed Chapman was a John Lennon fan, but after Lennon proclaimed that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus” the born-again Christian became angered towards him. In 1980 Chapman complied a list of people he wanted to kill which included: Johnny Carson, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Walter Cronkite but started with Lennon because he was easiest to find. On December 8, 1980 Chapman’s plan was realized when he waited outside of Lennon’s apartment building and when the singer returned from a recording session with his wife, shot Lennon five times, which lead to his death.

 Mark David Chapman is shown as a member of a YMCA group at Fort Chaffee, Ark., in 1975. Chapman was convicted of shooting former Beatle John Lennon in New York City on Dec. 8, 1980. (AP Photo)

Mark David Chapman is shown as a member of a YMCA group at Fort Chaffee, Ark., in 1975. (AP Photo)

5. Dawnette Knight – Dawnette was in love with Michael Douglas. The problem? His wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. After reading in the tabloids that Catherine might not have been so faithful to Douglas, she decided not to stand for that and started writing about a dozen letters to “evil” Zeta-Jones. In them she states that “We are going to slice her up like meat on a bone and feed her to the dogs.” During Knight’s trial Catherine read a statement aloud that said: “Your actions will be with me the rest of my life – how I will be constantly observing, looking over my shoulder.”

Dawnette Knight, charged with making criminal threats against actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, appears in Los Angeles Superior Court in this Tuesday, June 29, 2004, file photo taken in Los Angeles. Knight has sent Zeta-Jones a letter apologizing for "any distress" she had caused and asking for forgiveness, a defense lawyer said. Michael Douglas testified Wednesday that he felt shocked, frightened and vulnerable after learning that his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, had received death threats, and she was so terrified that she had fainting spells and difficulty breathing. Knight was, in handcuffs, and sat quietly throughout Wednesday's proceedings, which will determine whether there is enough evidence to order her to trial.(AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Knight was, in handcuffs, and sat quietly throughout the proceedings. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

6. Dana Martin – Dana was so infatuated with pop star Justin Beiber while in prison he got a tattoo of the Biebs on his left leg as well as wrote him some fan letters. Martin became upset with Beiber because he didn’t respond to any of the letters so by dangling a monetary reward persuaded Mark Staake, whom he met in the slammer, along with his nephew Tanner Ruane to kidnap, kill, and castrate Justin along with a personal bodyguard and with two other people. Luckily for Beiber the two men who were going to carry out the plot weren’t using Apple maps and made a wrong turn ending up in Canada instead of Vermont. When stopped by the police, they uncovered their plans which included tools, documents, and a hand-written drawing of Beiber himself.

 In this Nov. 2000 photo, Dana Martin appears in Vermont District Court in Barre, Vt. Court documents in a New Mexico district court say Dana Martin told investigators he persuaded a man he met in prison and the man's nephew to kill Justin Bieber, Bieber's bodyguard and two others not connected to the pop star. Martin told investigators that Mark Staake and Tanner Ruane headed east, planning to be near a Bieber concert scheduled in New York City. They missed a turn and crossed into Canada from Vermont. Staake was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Ruane was arrested later. The two men face multiple charges stemming for the alleged plot.(AP Photo/Times Argus, Jeb Wallace-Brodeur)

In this Nov. 2000 photo, Dana Martin appears in Vermont District Court in Barre, Vt. (AP Photo/Times Argus, Jeb Wallace-Brodeur)

7. Thomas Brodnicki –If there’s one thing celebrity couple Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez share, it’s stalkers. Brodnicki, a repeat stalking offender, was so infatuated with Gomez that he had told a psychiatric doctor during and evaluation that he made multiple visits to her workplace and had thoughts of hurting and killing her. This evaluation was a result of Brodnicki allegedly threatening to “scratch people’s eyes out on the street.” He even told TMZ in the that: “Selena Gomez and I are the holy chosen ones of God…” for more of his musings, watch the video below.

8. Michael David Barrett – Insurance salesman Barrett followed ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews across the country, stayed in the same hotels as she did and recorded eight videos of her in the nude by aiming a cell phone camera through altered peep holes in her door. When his Peeping Tom activities were over, he posted said videos on the internet, but only after TMZ turned him down. Oddly friends and family were perplexed by his actions stating: “He’s always been an upstanding, hardworking guy.” Looks like he put that hardworking spirit into the wrong pursuit.

Michael David Barrett departs the Metropolitan Correctional Center after he was released by U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys and ordered to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle and barred from using the Internet Monday, {map} {dy}, 2009 in Chicago. Barrett is accused of videotaping ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews nude by aiming a cell phone camera through an altered peephole in the door of her hotel room.(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Michael David Barrett was ordered to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle and barred from using the Internet. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

9. Paula Goodspeed – Paula was Paula Abdul’s Superfan. She loved her so much so that she changed her name legally to Paula when she was 16 and fashioned her modeling, singing, and wardrobe after her. In 2005 she got to meet her idol when she auditioned for “American Idol,” unfortunately she was panned by judges after her off-key performance. Three years later Paula decided to take her own life by ODing on prescription pills in her car, which was parked outside Abdul’s home. Her license plate read “ABL LV” and there was a photo of her “secret crush” Abdul inside. When it comes to stalkers, Paula Goodspeed was her own worst enemy.

 This image provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles shows Paula Goodspeed. A fan of Paula Abdul, Goodspeed, whose failed audition for "American Idol" aired in season five of the popular TV show was found dead in a car near the home of the pop star and "Idol" judge she admired, authorities said Wednesday Nov. 12, 2008. (AP Photo/Calif. Department of Motor Vehicles)

This image provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles shows Paula Goodspeed. (AP Photo/Calif. Department of Motor Vehicles)




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