Father And Son Kidnap Ex-Wife For Exorcism


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Jose Magana-Farias is in the San Joaquin County Jail today, alongside his 20-year-old son Victor Farias. The two men are charged with kidnapping Magana-Farias’ ex-wife (who happens to also be Farias’ mother).

According to police, they arranged to meet the woman at a north Stockton store. Jose’s apparent ruse was that he wanted to try to make the marriage work. The couple had been divorced for about a year, but she had recently returned to visit the children. She got into the car with her ex-husband and son, with no clue what was about to happen.

The men picked up two priests as they drove her back to a house where neighbors say she used to live until the divorce. When they arrived at the former residence, the woman was allegedly covered in a sacred oil, and then was put through a religious “purification” ritual. Magana-Farias and his son apparently believed that the changes his ex-wife had made in her life since their divorce were signs that she was possessed by some kind of demon. They were going to exorcise that demon, whether or not his ex-wife agreed to go along with it.

The woman was not tortured or physically harmed during the alleged kidnapping, but Magana-Farias can probably rule out a reconciliation ever happening.

The men are in jail on charges of false imprisonment, suspicion of kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit a crime. The priests will not face any charges.

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