Why Was Samantha Scheibe Dating George Zimmerman?

In an interview with Erik Sandoval of WKMG Local 6 of Orlando, Samantha Scheibe describes the rocky relationship that she and George Zimmerman maintained until this week’s 911 call which resulted in Zimmerman being charged with aggravated assault, domestic battery and criminal mischief.

Scheibe sheds light on their relationship and answers the head-scratching/slapping question of “Why the heck was she with that guy?!” by revealing that she and Zimmerman have known each other for over 12 years and that they dated when she was in her teens and he in his twenties. Scheibe claims that although she feared him she dated Zimmerman because she wanted to help him. Their romance was rekindled as George Zimmerman and his estranged wife were separating. Tensions mounted between the reunited couple after she demanded that he get help for his depression, to which he allegedly moved all of her furniture, clothes, and food (?) out of her home.

While at times their relationship was fine there were times that she felt unsafe. One of the more disturbing details to emerge from the interview with Scheibe and Scheibe’s mother Hope Mason is that allegedly Scheibe’s daughter received a text message from George Zimmerman which had a still image from an intimate home video of Scheibe and Zimmerman.

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  • Fay

    It is time to leave Zimmerman alone.

    • Cee Free

      Sure, as long as he does the same for the rest of the human race!