Scent Of Barbecue Leads Cops to Drug Dealer

According to Silvis, Ill., restaurant Smokehouse BBQ, patrons “[eat] high off the hog.”

Apparently, so does its owner.

Terrell A. Howard, proprietor of the popular barbecue joint, was arrested Nov. 21 for felony charges, including the manufacturing and distributing of 15-100 grams of cocaine and 10-30 grams of cannibis.

When Howard’s cousin Darrius Martin, the target of an unrelated investigation, purportedly met with undercover agents offering the daily special of heroin and a firearm, his delivery still reeked of Eau de Barbecue.

Prior to the exchange, agents observed Martin walking into the aforementioned eatery and return with a package in tow—talk about a smoking gun.

Suspicions aroused, narcotics agents raided Smokehouse BBQ as well as the homes of both Martin and Howard.

At the latter’s residence, “dealer amounts of cocaine” and cannibis were discovered.

According to Quad-Cities Online, Howard’s restaurant appears to have shut down, and he is currently in prison on a $100, 000 bail.

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