UPDATE: Casey Anthony’s Capris Can Be Yours!

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Call it what you will, but Eric Holler has changed his mind about the Casey Anthony sale. According to a statement released Friday and covered by WESH, he has chosen to take the Casey Anthony items down.

“…I have given it much thought and I do not wish to be associated in any way, shape or form with the death of Caylee Anthony. I apologize to anyone that may have taken offense in the offering of these items.”

Original story:
Trying to decide what to do with that upcoming tax refund? Do you have a fascination with the Casey Anthony case? Do you really groove on memorabilia connected to true crimes and famous cases? If that’s the case, then Eric Holler who owns the site serialkillersink.net has just the thing for you. He has put up for sale several pairs of trousers and a few handbags that once belonged to Casey Anthony. Holler made a deal to acquire the items from Christina Werner, who purchased them at the Anthony family’s garage sale last summer. While he believes there’s a market for the “murderabilia”, Holler says that he will not, however, acquire any of Caylee Anthony’s toys, as that is a line he will not cross. The items, showcased here, have a current price of $800 each, and each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Read more: Casey Anthony clothing, bags for sale (UPI) Casey Anthony’s clothing, purses sold on ‘murderabilia’ site (WESH)


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  • HBE

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  • Beth

    I don’t care about her stuff, she should have been convicted, I can’t stand her.

    • Becky Baker

      She should not of gotten away with the murder of her little girl. Especially when all the clues were clearly there that she did it. I can’t stand a mom or any parent for that matter that thinks it is ok to murder there own flesh and blood, and then try to get away with it. If your gong to do something that low at least admit to the mistake don’t blame somebody else.

  • paula

    Unbelievable that this psychopath (borderline personality and narcissistic personality) got away with murder!

  • Guest

    letaste NEws it’s detail HERE’S MORE DETAIL

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  • Candy Sylvester

    It still kills me that she got away with killing her poor helpless beautiful baby girl. That baby didn’t get justice at all…. God bless her little soul r.I.p baby girl

  • Jennifer Sonnier

    This case is ONE of the largest miscarriages of Justice the U.S has ever seen- it’s to the point of embarrassing- Casey Anthony quite obviously murdered her child & has gotten away with it free & clear- if nothing else- she didn’t report her child missing for 30 DAYS!!! God help this low life bitch if I ever see her ass on the street.