Guilty! Third Time Not the Charm for Amanda Knox

In a decision that stunned defense attorneys and perhaps many more a court in Florence, Italy has found Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito guilty of the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher after the original guilty verdict had been overturned by appeal in 2011.  Restated, they were found Guilty, then Not Guilty, and now Guilty Again.

Presiding Judge Alessando Nencini (below) read the verdict after the court held 12 hours of deliberations, and sentenced Knox to 28 years and 6 months in prison and Sollecito to 25 years in prison and demanded that his passport be revoked.

Amanda Knox, judge, nencini, italy, meredith kercher, clowns, verdict

©AP Photo/Fabrizio Giovannozzi

In a statement Amanda Knox said today “I am frightened and saddened by this unjust verdict… Having been found innocent before, I expected better from the Italian justice system.”

The judge is expected to release a report on the verdict in the next 90 days and then Knox and Sollecito will have 90 days to lodge and appeal, which would see the ruling sent to the Italian Supreme Court.

Knox, who was not required to attend the latest trial, stands a good chance of not having to serve out the sentence regardless of what the Italian Supreme court rules because of the United State’s laws on double jeopardy, whereby a defendant cannot stand trial for a crime for which one has already been acquitted or convicted.

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Photo of Knox/Sollecito ©AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino

  • Rachel

    It is impossible to wipe every piece of DNA evidence of yourself from a crime scene. If Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito actually committed this crime there would be evidence. The only DNA found at the scene belonged to the man who committed the crime and he is already in prison. I hope the American justice system dose not sent Knox back to Italy and I feel so bad for Sollecito because he is already there and he will be going back to prison for a crime he did not commit.

  • montreal8188

    Unfortunately, the real truth will never be known.

    • Dimitri Theodosakis

      We know once we passed away

    • Kathryn Austin

      …actually the real killer was caught, look it up.

  • TherapyChick

    From what is already known to the public the person who committed this awful crime is in prison & has admitted to his crimes. Unfortunately, we will never know 100% what happened but it is most likely (based on evidence) that Knox & her then boyfriend didn’t do this…(based on evidence) & having their verdict overturned. It’s scary & crazy to think that this could really happen to anyone. One both ends, from being a victim of a horrible murder to being charged outside your home country for a murder. Especially if your a college student studying in a foreign country how scary.

    • Tanley

      It’s strange in a way I can’t see why they would do it ,but it was established even in the last verdict that Rudy Gede had accomplices ,only now they are unknown ,also it’s still a fact that some one cleaned up the bloody foot print in the bathroom, because of half of a print on the floor! Also the bloody foot prints of Rudy’s leading out the door never turned to lock the door and were not present when Amenda came in ,so we know they were washed ,but know I am puzzle who would have an interest in cleaning bloody foot prints? Again nothing in this case makes sense to me,they seem like nice kids with nothing psychopathic in their background ,but again Rudy was seen at the bar right away so who had the time to clean up the scene???

  • Chris Figgalapola

    Guilty or not, she should have to face justice. The courts said she is guilty, and it’s insane that the US will not send her to Italy to serve her sentence. Fuck American imperialism. Burn this bitch now!

  • Lucinda Archuletta

    I can still see that crime scene. I remember thinking she did this. They all did this to that poor girl, as Americans we know what it feels like when someone has done something despicable and then runs, give her to the Italian government. So the parents may have closure.

    • DosGatos

      I’m glad as an American that you would never serve on a jury because of that statement. That somehow feeling like someone is guilty is evidence. Please!

  • David

    She is innocent actually they both are. They would of left some sort of trace evidence in that bloody/chaotic crime scene. They didn’t even leave 1 hair behind. The only physical evidence convicted the only killer. This trial was a witch hunt and a joke. It only made the world see how stupid the Italian judges are. And lastly ever heard of double jeopardy? She wasn’t allowed to be tried again so the U.S. is not sending her anywhere. Anyone with a few brain cells knows they are innocent.