Heather Elvis Is Missing PT. 2: In-Depth Interview With Father, Terry Elvis

“I’m mad all day, and I cry all night. It’s the only way I can get through it, there’s no in between,” Terry Elvis told the Crime Feed Friday.  Desperation and frustration is mounting over the fact his beautiful daughter, 20-year-old Heather Elvis, vanished without a trace from Myrtle Beach, S.C. The only massive, solid clue investigators have is her vehicle was found about eight miles from her apartment — the place where she was last seen.

Courtesy: Find Heather Elvis Facebook page

Courtesy: Find Heather Elvis Facebook page

The last time anyone had contact with Heather, according to Terry, was 3:41 a.m. on Dec. 18. Terry told the Crime Feed he cannot go into detail about that last conversation she had and with whom it was with because of the on-going police investigation, but he did say he was contacted on Dec. 19 when her green Dodge Intrepid was located. “An officer came just after dark and we went down to take a look where the car was there, after an hour of trying to call her it went straight to voicemail. By 7 p.m. I was frantic,” Terry said.

Lt. Rober Kegler, from the Horry County Police department told the Crime Feed earlier this week not only is his department combing through surveillance video but, “I’ve got a thick three ring binder full of tips, tips are coming in by telephone, e-mail and Facebook.”

As for the night before his daughter vanished, police and Terry confirm Heather went on a date with a new guy. Not only did they go to dinner, but Terry said after the meal she was driving around with the date looking at Christmas lights – something she loved to do.

In addition, Terry always told Heather he had a truck that was a stick shift and she could have it if she could learn how to drive one. The guy Heather was with that night also had a five-speed, and Heather sent her dad a picture of her learning to drive. Terry said the picture told him, “Look at me I’m a pro! Big smile on her face and very happy.”

As for the guy Heather went out with on a date that night he does not appear to be a person of interest, Lt. Kegler said, “He has since been interviewed and cleared he is not a suspect.”

Terry who is a father of three, is very proud of all of his children. He said as for Heather, she was working two jobs as a hostess. One of those positions was at the local Myrtle Beach House of Blues, another at a pub. “She’s always had a job, even though I didn’t require her to, she wanted to do it her way since she was 17.”

Recently, according to Terry, Heather was interested in cosmetology and he even helped her to land an interview with a local salon. Terry said Heather went to the salon and was offered a job as a make-up artist. She was excited and set to begin work the week of Christmas. “The cosmetology thing came out of the blue, she wanted to be a make-up artist and work the runway. She was interested in being Charlotte, Atlanta, and New York. The cosmology thing was just a foot in the door, a local business.”

Along with looking forward to starting a new career, Terry said Heather was also looking forward to the holidays. She was texting her dad gift ideas through the month of December, “The minute she shows me that stuff I run out and buy it.” He even purchased a new laptop for her for Christmas along with clothes and shoes she wanted.

Heather lived in an apartment and Terry said it can be described best as a condo or a townhouse in a nice neighborhood, it’s right around the corner from a popular golf course. Terry went on to say, “The girl she was living with was a friend for the last two or three years, she had just moved in with her Dec. 4 or 5.”

Terry went on to tell the Crime Feed his younger daughter, who is only 16 and has a very close relationship with Heather, is heartbroken to say the least. Terry has another son who is 30, and lives in Ohio.

As for the search efforts, local volunteer groups are on the ground doing their best to uncover clues and information.

Terry wants the national media to take notice and to air this story as much as possible, especially because Myrtle Beach is an area heavily populated with tourists. He thinks maybe someone who was visiting may have information.

If you know anything, please call Horry County Police at 843-915-TIPS or send an e-mail to crimetips@horrycounty.org.

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