Knox Guilty Verdict: “This Really Has Hit Me Like a Train”

Appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning, Amanda Knox spoke of her shock at the guilty verdict passed by an Italian court, saying “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing” while vowing “I will never willingly go back.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Wendy Barnes

    Sometimes it seems she sees all this as happening to someone else. How can she be shocked? She’s already spent 4 years in custody for this crime. She should stay quiet, keep a low profile, and keep her information and privacy very private.

  • denisem

    She made no sense and I feel she is guilty…. Looking down and trying to make tears that never came is what I seen

  • laurieanna

    when you know dam well you didn’t do something your being accused of ,even if your life is depending on the truth seting you free<, I don't kniow you feel like ,, "Damitt I didn't freekin kill her" what more can I do "?, then to win the second trial and be found innocent, goes home… ,you cant have the same emotions of being shocked years later ,that would make me feel suspicious then of her,, look put yourself in her skin ,!!! walk that walk ,,you know tears don't prove a dam thing bsby girl and if your logic to all this is about ""the truth is in the tears"" Girl Bye!!!