5 Love Triangles That Will Have You Saying ‘Menage á…Nah’

Looking to heat things up in the bedroom? We recommend saying “no” when it comes to love triangles or threesomes. Nothing is more salacious or drama-filled than a love triangle gone horribly wrong. Mix love, a whole lotta sex and some betrayal with a side of murder, and you’ve got an unsavory recipe for disaster. Read on for CrimeFeed’s Top 5 love triangles that give threesomes a very bad name.

1. James Kraig Kahler was an abusive, controlling husband who wanted to spice things up in the bedroom with his wife, Karen, by inviting another woman into the mix. That other woman was Karen’s new lesbian lover Sunny Reece, and Karen wanted nothing to do with the proposed threesome. In fact, she wanted out of their marriage, enraging Kraig and leading him to shoot and kill his wife, their two teenage daughters and his wife’s grandmother. 

2. Joey Buttafuoco thought he could keep his affair with 17-year-old Amy Fisher (a.k.a. the “Long Island Lolita”) hidden from his wife, Mary Jo. But Amy had other plans and showed up at the Buttafuoco’s home and shot Mary Jo in the face. Mary Jo eventually recovered, Joey was arrested for statutory rape and Amy served seven years in prison for the assault. None of this, however, stopped Joey and Amy from attempting to rekindle the flame 15 years later, allegedly for the purposes of a reality show that never made it to air. You can’t buy classiness, people, but you can proverbially kick it in the gut, spit on it and set it on fire.

3. Thomas Montgomery, a 47-year-old married father of two, struck up an online affair with an 18-year-old woman by claiming to be a young Marine returning home from duty. His 22-year-old coworker, meanwhile, also hit it off with the online siren, causing quite a stir at the work place and leading Montgomery to shoot and kill his coworker in the name of love. To make matters worse, the 18-year-old woman was actually a woman in her 40’s who adopted her daughter’s online identity to mislead and pit the two men against each other. All’s fair in love triangles and cyberspace meet ups?

4. Tonch Weldon wanted to ramp up his sex life, so he asked his wife Amanda if they could introduce a new woman to their bed. Their lesbian friend, Amy Gephart, agreed to the arrangement and they lived a happy life in an open marriage…for a while. But Amanda and Amy ultimately fell in love, Amanda left Tonch and Tonch shot and killed Amy with a shotgun before turning it on himself and critically injuring his face. A classic case of “Be careful what threesomes you wish for.”

5. Michelle Hetzel was involved in a love triangle with her fellow teenage friends Devon and Keary. When Devon wouldn’t stop her relationship with Keary to be with Hetzel, she married her foster mother’s son, Brandon Bloss, to get back at Devon. Confused yet? It all ultimately spiraled into a jealous, rage-induced night that ended up with Devon dead, her throat slit to the spine.



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