Woman Sentenced For Starving Boyfriend’s Son, Locking Him In A Cage

A judge in Brevard County sentenced a woman Friday to 40 years in prison for what he called “cold… calculated… and evil.” Sharon Glass, 50, was accused of starving her boyfriend’s son and leaving him in a cage, she’s now convicted of the horrendous crime.

When the 12-year-old victim was found, he was a skeleton weighing only 40 pounds.

The young man survived. He is now 14-years-old, and he was able to testify in the trial. He said the reason he was locked up and not given food was because Glass and his father, Michael Marshall, said he was “misbehaving.”

Reports indicate Glass also zip-tied the boy to a bed more than once and has locked him in small rooms in the house in the past.

Glass claimed during her trial, she didn’t know the child was starved and abused, she blamed it all on Marshall.

News 13 reports the child’s father, Marshall, took a plea in February and is set to be sentenced in April. He could get as little as 19 years or a maximum of 30.

The child is now safe and lives with his grandmother.

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  • Rita_S

    Sickening! I hope they both suffer as much as they made the child suffer.

  • Diamond Barbie

    All she said was i don’t know, smh she knew it an went along with it. Thats just evil.

    • Donna Arnett

      If she watched it and did nothing she is also to be blamed and is to get the same sentence I hope she is so lying.

  • TherapyChick

    I blame the father being the primary parent. It’s his job to protect his son & he failed to do so by handing his own son over to the devil. The father should receive the same if not more punishment than the step mother.

  • Mary Strobridge

    Just wondering…the child is now living with the grandmother.She didn’t know what was going on?Too many unanswered questions.

    • LaraH2

      that’s a good point. but there could be very good reasons the grandmother didn’t know. estranged from the boy’s father. lived too far away to fight that. like you said, too many unanswered questions. but i’ll bet with all that has happened to that child, they examined the grandmother with a microscope to make sure she would be an good parent.

      i just wonder about what emotional damage he will carry with him forever.

    • Barbara Morgan

      When this case first broke, it seems like they said the grandmother lived a distance from them and didn’t see her grandson, so if she was at odds with her son or her son-in-law or visa versa that could be the reason for her not knowing. When the case was first reported, it was reported that she had a son also but he hadn’t been abused by either his mother or the father of the abused boy. He was in good health.

  • Donna Arnett

    Evil was in that house plain and simple , and I hope the grandparent was the mothers mother, at least!

  • Olaide Remmy Ogunwale

    A good father should protect his child or children while a vulnerable one exposes them to danger. He surely deserved same punishment received by the woman. How on earth can he claimed ignorant of the conditions of his son.
    Should starving by the punishment for misbehaving? If she happened to be the biological mother is that mode of correction she is going to adopt ? Has she ever done that to her wards or if that should be done to her biological children will she be happy ?

    • Barbara Morgan

      She has a son that was fathered by another man and he was not harmed in any way by her or the abused child’s father. He was said to have been well fed and taken care of by the two of them.

  • Laura Madere

    I blame both of them and I see he is now living with a grandma I just hope to God she never knew just how this boy was living or being treated. And if she hadn’t seen him why not? I just hope this young man is in a safe loving home and getting lots of mental help, he needs a lot of love and someone to talk to or he is headed for a lot of future problems if they haven’t already started. Lots of abused children turn to drugs to ease their pain. My heart goes out to this young man and I wish him nothing but the best! As for the father & step mother I hope they get everything they gave this boy & then some. They both deserve to rot in hell!

  • Liz Gardiner

    Both the mother and her boyfriend should be held accountable equally. However, I do NOT believe for one second that she didn’t know that the boy was being starved in a cage and abused. If she didn’t know about the abuse then she would not have seen or known about his whereabouts. She would have reported him missing! And of course she’s going to blame it all on the boyfriend because people tend to blame men more than women. Women are just as capable of committing crimes as men. I wish people would realize that more often. I’m glad the kid is alright now.

    • Barbara Morgan

      It was the girlfriend and the boy’s father that did it. There hasn’t been any mention of the boy’s mother in any of the news reports I have read on this.

  • There is a special place in HELL for those who abuse children.

  • Barbara Morgan

    Father should receive the same sentence or even more time because he was part of this abuse if not the one that started and the boy’s parent. I have wondered where the boy’s mother was while this was being done to her son and why she didn’t stop the abuse before it went so far? Is she dead or have mental or drug problem that kept her from protecting her son from the evil duo.