The Gun Show Must Go On with George Zimmerman

Not one to back down from courting potential controversy reports that George Zimmerman made an appearance at a Florida gun show this past Saturday to greet people and sign autographs.

The New Orlando Gun Show was scheduled to happen at the Majestic venue but due to negative feedback beforehand it was moved to the smaller Arms Room store.

Apparently Zimmerman agreed to make the appearance because of the support he received from gun show organizer and businessman Mike Piwowarski during his trial for the Death of Trayvon Martin.

Said Piwowarski, who plans to sue the Majestic for the cancellation, “They told us they canceled for community pressure… They were getting phone calls and backlash, and didn’t want that kind of person there.”

  • nanahayhay

    This waste of skin should be in prison. I am disappointed that, after he was acquitted in Florida, the US Justice Dept. didn’t file charges against him.

    • Bubba Jay

      Because he didn’t do anything unlawful. If you are attacked you can defend yourself. If you fear for your life you can use lethal force in doing so. He should have never gone to trial.

      • Connie R

        Bubba you’re an idiot! Obviously you haven’t been reading about all of the trouble that George Zimmerman is still getting into. Maybe you’re a killer too. America should keep a close eye on people like you. Like the saying goes…You just might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • nanahayhay

        I realize you wrote this months ago but I just now saw your reply. The thing is, Treyvon was doing NOTHING WRONG. The police dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow Treyvon but he did anyway. If GZ had just left Treyvon alone, Treyvon would still be alive. GZ provoked the whole encounter.

        • timjb31

          Not true. GZ had just as much right to walk the streets in his OWN neighborhood. TM eluded GZ, then came back after him, and was beating GZ’s head into the sidewalk. Self-defense. End of story! TM was a THUG who messed with the wrong person.