Jodi Arias Update: Penalty Phase Retrial Set For Later This Year

Jury selection is set to begin later this year for the second penalty phase in the Jodi Arias case. The AP reports the 33-year-old was not in the courtroom on Monday when a judge said the death penalty phase will launch on Sept. 8.

Arias, who was convicted of first degree murder for killing her boyfriend Travis Alexander, has been waiting for this next phase to find out if the prosecution will be able to nail down a death sentence with a new jury. It was originally supposed to begin this week, but the prosecutor had a conflict with scheduling.

ABC News says, according to the AP, “If the second panel fails to reach a unanimous decision, the death penalty will be removed from consideration. The judge then would sentence Arias to spend her entire life behind bars or to be eligible for release after 25 years.”

Travis was stabbed nearly 30 times and shot in the forehead. The defense will continue working to keep the death penalty off the table.

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    • Sheryl Holden

      Your thinking is very scary. There is no excuse for murder and the overkill is very scary. She is where she belongs.

  • Joan Cogdell

    I agree, Sheryl and really hope she will stay there forever! She believed the verdict would be different.But I think life w/o parole will be the worst and on the other hand….she is kinda having fun with art and whatever else. So…I tend to go back and forth on this issue.I am against the death penalty so what else is thare? My son, Eddie Mathis was murdered while serving in the military.His murderer,Thomas J. Fillion, was given a dishonored discharge! That’s all….!! Today he goes about his merry way! I can only hope that he has given his life to God. I pray for his soul and forgive him. That’s how I find my peace! If we don’t forgive each other then God will not forgive me.I also hope he that he can lead others to Our Heavenly Father! God is the answer, the only answer!

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    i wish i can slap some sense into her

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    $tabby is representing herself in the sentencing phase.