Father Of Adam Lanza Opens Up In First Interview Since Sandy Hook Massacre

Peter Lanza wishes his son Adam had never been born.

The father of the gunman behind the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting has spoken publicly for the first time since the horrific attack that left 26 dead.

Talking to The New Yorker, Peter Lanza offers a window into his tortured thoughts, feelings, and nightmares, ultimately revealing that he wishes his son Adam, responsible for so many deaths, had never been born.

“That’s not a natural thing, when you’re thinking about your kid. But, God, there’s no question. There can only be one conclusion, when you finally get there.

“That’s fairly recent, too, but that’s totally where I am.”

The piece is an extensive one, and is taken from months of interviews that began taking place last fall. In it, Lanza provides insight into his son Adam’s behavior throughout his childhood, as well as during the two year estrangement prior to Sandy Hook.

As for whether he feels that his son would have killed him had he had the chance, Peter Lanza is chillingly blunt.

“With hindsight, I know Adam would have killed me in a heartbeat, if he’d had the chance. I don’t question that for a minute. The reason he shot Nancy four times was one for each of us: one for Nancy; one for him; one for Ryan; one for me.”

Lanza also acknowledges that he can never separate the memory of his son from his son’s actions on his final day on Earth, and that Adam is like ‘a stranger’ to him. Ultimately, Lanza says, the memories of his son and that day will follow him for the rest of his life.

“It’s not like I ever go an hour when it doesn’t cross my mind.”

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  • Blue Jade Hawaii

    Very intense reading by a really good author. I could almost feel the pain and fear and it was a riveting article to read. In our ‘sane’ world there is always that ‘why’ and sometimes, maybe it’s rare, there is no answer. I don’t think Adam was insane, just with all his various illnesses that ‘something’ triggered and tipped him and in that moment, maybe did become insane. But he was too methodical too structured for insanity to have ruled him completely. That one moment made him snap and it all unraveled. Seriously disturbed, yes, and certainly descending to madness and in that one moment, he did reach it. Sadly, he took too many others in that moment, when he should have made that journey alone.

  • CarolO

    What a heartbreak for this father and likely a heartbreak just as large as those of the parents of the murdered children and the families of those 6 adults. Something was seriously wrong with Adam that become more profound as he reached adulthood. With proper diagnosis, he should have been institutionalized but it sounds like something was missed. The violence on the web and his fascination with guns only helped fuel the hatred he was harboring toward all humanity.

  • mrseryates69

    I sure it a heartbreak for Adam father.But why was he not more involved,in Adam life.Just because a child has a mental problem ,you should not preteen they do not excite.My heart breaks over the death all those that was killed.I do not understand his mother,been one to keep gun all over her house.

  • Peggy

    Many children of divorce will have problems, regardless of preexisting mental health issues…especially when they don’t have a good relationship with their fathers. Sad….