3 Women Pay Fine At City Hall, Celebrate By Throwing A Drug-Fueled Twerking Party In The Parking Lot (Complete With Public Urination)

What is the customary way to celebrate paying off a fine at municipal court? If you live in Beaverton, OR, you invite two of your closest friends to have an impromptu twerking party in the City Hall parking lot. What does a twerking party include? Oh, you know…you do a bunch of drugs, you pee on a few cars and film the whole soiree.

Police arrested Brittany Medak, 20, of Vancouver (left), Christie Valazquez Coura, 20, of Vancouver (center) and Leokham Yothsombath, 22, of Portland (right) on Monday for doing just that.

According to Beaverton police, the law-breaking trio left the court after one of them paid a municipal fine and headed to the parking lot to celebrate. After doing some twerking (and some drugs), one of the suspects lifted her skirt and urinated between two cars, prompting a court employee to call the police. Witnesses told police that they were filming everything.

Smart. Because you never want to forget your illegal twerking party.


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