Awful Guy Sticks Up Baskin Robbins With AIDS-Infested Syringe

What’s just as frightening as a suspect wielding a gun? A suspect wielding an AIDS-infested syringe. And in an ice cream shop, of all places. No, no, no.

Oregon police are searching for the man who robbed A Baskin Robbins with a dirty needle he claimed was contaminated with the AIDS virus. On Tuesday night, the suspect, who employees describe as  5’9″ with a skinny build and brown hair, wearing glasses and bright colors, walked into a 31 flavors in downtown Portland and demanded cash, threatening workers with the dirty needle. The slingers gave him the money, because, well, AIDS does not a good ice cream topping make.

If you have any information about the man who ruined dessert, call the Portland Police Bureau’s robbery detectives at (503) 823-0405.


ice cream gifPhoto: ©iStock/Thinkstock