Disgruntled “Call Of Duty” Gamer Reports Fake Murders To Get Back At Opponent Who Beat Him

Video from a New York news helicopter shows a special operations SWAT team lining up in front of a home in Long Beach, officers are seen one-by-one with guns drawn and attempting to enter a home. This all went down earlier this week when authorities received a call for people who may have been hit by gunfire inside a residence.

The call, according to reports, indicated there were two people shot and another person was barricaded.

The 911 call for help prompted the entire police force with every officer on duty in the jurisdiction (and surrounding areas) to be on site tending to this urgent matter for nearly two hours.

According to ABC News, the situation ended when a teenager took off his headphones from playing a “Call of Duty” video game and realized the severity of what was going on outside. He had no idea someone had called in a hoax from his home.

It appears as if one of the opponents playing the victim in the gaming system may be the person who called in the hoax.

“A young male called in and stated that he just killed his mother and his brother, gave his address, and said he was going to kill the first responders when they arrived,” said Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney, reports ABC News.

The FBI and the justice department are also investigation. All are working with local authorities to get to the bottom of the incident.

The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office issued this statement:

“Incidents like this are a dangerous and outrageous waste of law enforcement resources and taxpayer dollars. Through a collaboration with our law enforcement partners, we will use every tool we have to track down whoever threatens public safety like this. ‘Swatting’ is a serious crime that endangers first responders and those in legitimate need of their help. We will hold any perpetrators accountable and seek restitution for the tax dollars wasted.”

If you know anything, please contact the FBI.

Photo: ©AP Photo/Newsday, Jim Staubitser



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