This Woman’s Cancer Scam Bilked Kindhearted Donors Out Of $21,000

“Mindy’s Army” has been the talk of Chillicothe, Ohio of late.

It all began when 35-year-old Mindy Taylor claimed to be simultaneously battling lupus, cancer of the small intestine, and heart disease. Her online accounts of her illnesses were dramatic, and troubling. At one point she claimed she couldn’t eat, or sleep, and was having double-vision. In conjunction with her accounts of public suffering, she set up an online donation forum, “to offset some of the extensive medical expenses” she was accumulating. And people donated…to the tune of $21,000.

The end of the game came when the Chillicothe Gazette sent a reporter out to interview her, and the story was front-page news on February 24. According to reports, someone called the police and told them that Mindy’s sob story was all a lie.

The police subpoenaed Mindy’s medical records, and discovered that while she once suffered a stroke, and had been diagnosed with lupus when she was younger, there was no sign of cancer. Reportedly, even the lupus diagnosis was on her record as past history, and no evidence to that effect had come from any medical doctor.

Mindy insisted that she believed she was battling cancer, that she had been prescribed drugs that were cancer treatments, but as noted, her medical records do not reflect that situation. Mindy claims to have begun returning more than $21,000 to the unsuspecting donors who opened their wallets to help, but police aren’t capable of verifying that just yet.

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