Monday Morning Mugshot: Her Corndog (Allegedly) Wasn’t Right, So She (Allegedly) Threatened to Kill

A Midland, Texas woman was so displeased with the condition of a corndog she was served that she threatened to kill two restaurant workers.

Charmelle Henry, 45, grew very agitated when she was served her microwaved corndog, throwing it at the restaurant workers and demanding another. When she was served the second dog, she allegedly pulled out a pocketknife and threatened to kill the workers.

According to witness Billy Bob (yup, you read right), Henry was “Demanding what she wanted, and it didn’t, it didn’t pan out.”

The workers called 911, and when police arrived they demanded that she get down. Henry did not comply, which prompted authorities to dispatch their own dog. Police, Billy Bob said, “Had the dog go take the lady down.”

Watch Billy Bob, see what a “restaurant” looks like in those parts:

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