New York City Cop Caught Fronting Punk Band While Collecting Disability

Ever heard of Cousin Sleaze? Neither had authorities in New York before taking a closer look at the Brooklyn-based metal group’s energetic frontman and realizing that the singer had defrauded the force of over $30,000.

The would-be rock star? Christopher Inserra, a police officer with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. In June 2010, Inserra went on disability, claiming a shoulder injury caused an intense and excruciating amount of pain, leaving him unable to perform his job.

Inserra remained sidelined for nearly two years, returning to the force only in March 2012. Inserra’s so-called injuries, however, didn’t prevent him from vigorously fronting his rock combo, flailing and flexing his well-toned arms while strenuously waving a wielding his microphone like a billy club.

When photos and footage of Inserra and Cousin Sleaze reached authorities, they were hardly impressed. Inserra pleaded guilty to mail fraud in a Brooklyn court on Tuesday. He will be sentenced in August, and faces up to two years in prison. Additionally, he must pay back the $30,466 in disability that he received.


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