Bridezilla Shoots Niece For Refusing To Be Designated Driver

Police are blaming alcohol for an argument that resulted in a 30 year-old bride shooting her 21 year-old niece just hours after her wedding.

The shooting took place April 24th at Jimmy K’s, a bar in New Brighton, PA, near Pittsburgh. Authorities say that the bride, Christina Nicole George-Harvan, shot her 21 year-old niece Katelyn Francis following an argument over who was going to be the evening’s designated driver.

The incident occurred in the bar parking lot. George-Harvan and her husband were sitting in a car. Francis was outside the vehicle when she was hit. George-Harvan told police that the weapon was her husband’s and that it discharged while she was holding it.

Francis had traveled from West Virgina to attend the wedding. George-Harvan is a nurse in a Pittsburgh hospital.

Family friends are insisting that the shooting was accidental.

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  • Brandi Martin

    I call BS. She intended to at least harm her niece if she was stupid enough to have a gun with the safety off and aiming it at or around her!

  • Susan

    why was there even a gun in this conversation? Who ‘accidently’ takes out a gun and ‘accidently’ points it at someone and then ‘accidently’ pulls the trigger?? I have been around guns my entire life and not one of them as ever ‘accidently’ gone of when I wasn’t looking. Just sayin…someone aint tellin the ‘whole truth and nothing but the truth…amen”

  • m k

    I insist teh shooting was alcoholic

  • chai-chai

    Sounds more like a pulp fiction re-enactment, than a problem with whose gonna drive