Pissed Off Teen Poisoned Grandma’s Collard Greens As Payback For Confiscating Cell Phone

YOLO  is not an applicable life philosophy when it comes to attempted murder.

Tyt’ana Lisa-Nicole Johnson of Fayetteville, N.C. didn’t seem to understand that when she decided to poison her grandmother, Gaylon Moody, on Easter Sunday. According to reports, the 17-year-old was pissed off because her grandma confiscated her cell phone. So, as payback, Johnson confessed to putting pesticides in Moody’s collard greens.

After returning home from church, Moody and Johnson’s friend Clifton Evans sat down for their “last supper.”

“About an hour and a half later, we started getting sick,” said Moody. “My fingers started feeling numb, my chest, my face, my mouth. We were staggering like we were intoxicated, but neither one of us drank.”

Both Moody and Evans made it to the hospital in time for doctors to save their lives. Johnson, who was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and is being held on $500,000 bond, apologized for nearly killing Evans, explaining the poisonous greens were meant for grandma only.

“They got her locked up, but she needs help. Seriously, something’s wrong with her. People don’t do that over cellphones,” Evans told reporters. “I ain’t eating nobody’s collard greens now except my mother’s,” he added.

That sounds like a wise plan.

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  • Susan

    And our brilliant judicial system will probably try her as an ‘adult’ and place her in an “adult correction facility” that will make SURE that if she didn’t have a criminal mind before she got there, she will most certainly have one when she leaves. That our country tries children as adults is ludicrous. It’s obvious the kids are in serious need of help…just because they committed an ‘adult’ type crime, it does NOT take away the fact that they are CHILDREN. Their brains have not finished maturing. Their neuro -transmitters are not connecting on all levels and to put them in an adult prison is basically a ‘death sentence”…When will this country learn that there is NO rehabilitation in our correction system? Children who commit these heinous crimes need serious help…they do NOT need to be warehoused like produce. Our ‘Correctional” system does nothing close to ‘correcting’…Our ‘Rehabilitation Centers” do NOTHING to rehabilitate…we house, feed and clothe inmates and then release them back into the world with another chip on their shoulders…so sad.

    • Amazing Andrea

      Yes, she should be tried as a adult. She already has a criminal mind. She poisoned her grandmother (probably the only person that has taken care of her) over a stupid cellphone!! She knew exactly what she was doing and what outcome she expected. Yes, I agree with all you’ve said about our penal and judicial system. However, for the time being, it is what it is. This is what she should have taken into consideration rather than being upset over the disciplinary action of loosing her cellphone. Let’s see how she takes to “Big Bertha’s Discipline” or when the guards issue out their discipline.

      • Susan

        “Amazing” Andrea…how do you know what this child was thinking? You speak as if you actually have met her and understand her psyche. How is that possible? I hope you aren’t a mother for I would feel great compassion for your children. This girl did a horrible thing but all you and I know about is what was written and reported..That is only one small portion of the bigger picture. Your emotions are clouding your ability to make better judgement calls on this one.

        • Amazing Andrea

          First of all, she is far from a child. She is a young woman, that knew what she was doing. Yes I am a mother. One if the primary lessons that I teach my children is that their actions have consequences. We live in a society where we are marginalized therefore our accountability for our actions are more harshly scrutinized. Your compassion for my children is for the birds, the same for excuses. She knows right from wrong. She did something wrong to get her phone taken, then she did something even worse. Yes, I lack compassion for people that know right from wrong and CHOOSE to do wrong.

        • Janette Gandy

          Susan just because you have a piece of paper doesn’t make you smart.

    • Janette Gandy

      Susan you’re an idiot! She poisoned someone over a cell phone! She should go to prison for ever!

      • Susan

        Well thanks for calling me names. We are adults supposedly having an adult discussion. My point was and still is that we are sending terribly twisted and broken children to adult prisons. No matter how flat it is, a pancake always has 2 sides…you don’t know about this child’s history or life. All we know is what is on the news…we should all know by now that our media can NOT be counted on to always be reliable. I think what she did was reprehensible…but I also think this child is messed up and needs help. She does NOT need to be warehoused with adult convicts. She needs someone to help her. Yes she should be incarcerated but not with people twice and three her age. That will do more harm than good. The teen age brain is not finished developing. Being able to look past the moment to see the consequences of our actions doesn’t start happening until our late teens to early 20s. Obviously she has impulse control and anger issues.

        I am NOT an idiot. I have 2 degrees, one in Chemical Dependency and the other in psychology. Throwing our broken children away is NOT the proper way to handle their problems. Your anger is clouding your ability to make better decisions…take away your emotions and look at the problem. She is broken. She is still a human being that may still be helped, fixed and brought back into society. She should be tried as a juvenile and not an adult.

        • Janette Gandy

          People need to stop blaming what they do on the way they were raised. I for one didn’t have a perfect life by any means. I was in foster care, was molested more than once by different people, and I raised two children on my own one is a nurse and the other is a stay at home mom. You bleeding heart liberals need to stop letting these people go free.

  • Richgeana White

    Outrageous all that over a cell phone what is wrong with our young people that’s deplorable to even consider

  • TheWormThatWalks91

    This child has some serious problems. No normal teen tries to kill their parents over a cellphone being confiscated…

    On being tried as an adult: she’s 17. She’s a year away from legally being considered an adult. She probably has a driver’s license. So yes, she should be tried as an adult. If she were, say, 15 or something, then I’d say no – but she is almost legally an adult. She knew fully what she was doing. Plus, she was clearly smart enough to hide the bitter poison in a bitter food like collard greens so the victim wouldn’t notice the weird taste – a 15 year old would not necessarily know to do that.