Facebook Fight Ends With Pregnant Woman Getting Shot In The Stomach

An argument that began on Facebook escalated to a gunfire, and now a pregnant woman has lost her baby.

Virginia Wyche of Jacksonville, FL has been arrested following a horrifying incident Wednesday which ended with Wyche shooting a woman with whom she was arguing in the stomach.

The woman, who was pregnant, lost her baby.

The quarrel began on Facebook on Tuesday night. No word on what the women were arguing about. On Wednesday, the unidentified pregnant women arrived at Wyche’s home to continue the squabble. The standoff ended with the fatal gunshot.

The immediate aftermath was captured on video by a neighbor. The footage shows the woman hunched over in a chair before authorities arrived.

Wyche has been charged with murder.

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  • Jeanine Rosella Eddy

    WHY would the pregnant lady go to her house?!! She was looking for trouble

    • Romana

      Why did she shoot her alledged friend… So this is her fault. Whiteass upinion

      • Jeanine Rosella Eddy

        No, that is not what I said. The article says she wnt there after a fight with her on facebook. That implies it was not a friendly house call

      • Becky Bowen

        It’s opinion you ignorant fuck

        • Romana

          you learned something @ school HOORAAY ugly whiteass…HOEERAAY 😉

          • Shayla

            Why is there a need to make this about race?

        • kerlyndio

          We all know who the educated person is and who isn’t. 🙂

      • Shayla

        “Opinion” Thanks for the racism.

    • Mareesha Inapropriately Apropr

      I completely agree. Where’s the stand your ground law when you need it. I’m sure for the woman to feel threatened enough to shoot the pregnant woman most likely wasn’t alone and looking for friendly conversation. It’s sad an innocent child’s life was lost but that responsibility should be shared by the mother who chose to risk her unborn child’s safety by entering an obviously hostile environment. No winners here. smh.

      • Karen Tuttle

        Riddle me this, why shoot her in the stomach while knowing she was pregnant?Why not the leg, shoulder or any where else that would not result in a miscarriage?My question is if she was afraid and felt she had to shoot this woman (and we dont know if this lady went there to argue or to talk and make peace. We do not know the facts)why not shoot where the fetus is unharmed or simply not answer the door.Why shoot her only in the stomach?Why go outside and shoot her at all? Why not avoid the argument completely?

        • Mareesha Inapropriately Apropr

          Why, Why, Why?! Jeez! You seem confused. Why ask me a question if you’ve already determined we can’t conclude anything because “We do not know the facts”?! This whole comment seems rhetorical and therefore shouldn’t have been posted as a reply. If this “reply” isn’t sufficient, please refer to the original comment made by Jeanine Rosella Eddy. Your Welcome. 🙂

          • liz powell

            you should listen to your own comment.

          • Mareesha Inapropriately Apropr

            Thanks for pointing out your inability to proficiently grasp the English language. You’re Welcome! 🙂

  • Jeanine Rosella Eddy

    It’s a very sad story. Praying for all involved.

    • Romana

      Yes indeed…

  • Becky Bowen

    Why the hell if you’re pregnant are you going to go to someone’s house to fight with them? What a dumb as woman she is suppose to protect that baby and she got it killed

    • Romana

      she did not shoot so. Maybe she fucking her husband you dont know shit so you cant say shit about her. She lost her child…

  • CAliQueen

    These two women have earned the dumbest f*cks award of the year in my book. The pregnant woman deserves to be behind bars right along with the woman who shot. Rest in peace sweet angel.

    • Kathy Galvan

      I completely agree.

  • Alice Redfield

    You all should hold your opinions until all facts are available. Nothing much is said except: A pissed off pregnant woman got shot by an equally pissed off woman who happen to be friends.

  • Nicholas Christian

    So its only murder if you want to keep your baby but abortion isn’t ?????????

    • Angel Miller


    • Karen Tuttle

      i would think it would be determined by how far along she was.But no, abortion is legal and therefore not murder.Where as shooting a woman in the stomach when you know she is pregnant is an act of vengeance and hate.

  • Steven Spencer

    How is it that the woman is charged with murder, but abortion doctors aren’t? Both killed the fetus whole in the mother.

    • Emmilia

      pro-life retard GO AWAY

      • Steven Spencer

        What a convincing rebuttal. Couldn’t come up with anything factual huh? Who’s the retard?

        • tessx

          This has absolutely nothing to do with abortion. The real question is if the stand-your-ground law applies in this case. That woman shouldve thought twice before going on someone’s property.

  • kerlyndio

    I Don’t care if that pregnant women went over there for whatever reason. YOU DONT SHOOT A PREGNANT WOMAN IN HER STOMACH!! There are many things she could have done when she showed up at her house. . She could have called the police for one! WTF is wrong w/people?!

    • Jacque Bibbs


  • Tasha Summers

    becky it does not matter why she went there the other lady shot her while she was pregnant that is murder who shots a pregnant woman

  • Why waste tax payer money on a trial? She needs to be locked up in the basement in the back of the darkest maximum security prison and forgotten.

  • Courtney Ross

    even if she went over there to argue she should of never been shot in the stomach on purpose by anyone clearly the lady had more hate towards the child thanthe mother. she never excpected to be shot at and loosing her baby in this situations everyone makes dumb mistakes but this is just hateful.

  • Rachel Schueler

    Look both women killed that baby. The mother should have loved her child enough not to put herself in harms way and the woman with the gunshould
    have aimed for the foot or let that shit roll. But that mother is equally responsible. And bring race into it is plain stupid both bitches are equally as dumb.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    terrible.. people just can’t use fists or even words to solve problems anymore.

    • John Christopher L. Ticyado

      Fist’s leads from physical injuries to serious physical injuries. Guns on the other hand leads from fatal to death. The women has a screw loose or something, plain logic. couldn’t she just have called the police or something!?

      • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

        Police should’ve been called when things escalated.. A woman being pregnant and thinking about the protection of her unborn child should’ve (in the words of my grandmother) “Carried her ass in the house”. There are no winners in this story though. The fact that it was over Facebook makes me sad for this generation. I’m not even saying they should have fought, I was simply saying everybody is so quick to go get a gun as a problem solver these days.

  • Deetakennoloses Crawford

    She shouldn’t went to d lady house and she knew she had a bby on d way ain’t that a case too she put them in danger. …… its her fault

  • Wendy Whitehead

    Chances are they were arguing over some deadbeat man. So they both lose out in the end. One loses a baby the other loses her life but she could have shot her in the foot or leg. She meant to kill the baby. S
    And now this man they were arguing over is free to go cause havoc in other women’s lives. And as for stand your ground the pregnant woman did not have a weapon but the other lady won’t fight a pregnant woman but she will shoot her. Was the gun registered to her? There are so many angles to look at here. But the most important thing is a baby died because of STUPIDITY

  • Sarah Baumgardner

    typical niggers



  • Mary Taylor

    You can’t go to somebody house On the dumb Shit and not expect they to protect they self.smh.

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