Seemingly Unrepentant Notre Dame Student Trashes Local Spa

Notre Dame student Brian McCurren, 19, may regret whatever it was he was doing on Saturday night, although Sara Ros Frazier, the owner of Therapeutic Indulgence Day Spa in South Bend, Indiana might think otherwise.

McCurren was arrested the next morning after police were called to the day spa.  According to Frazier, he had allegedly appeared to try three separate ways to get into the building, finally somehow throwing a cement flower pot through the stained glass of the front door.  When he was inside the building’s porched-in front area, he found a hammer and allegedly began pounding his way through the wall to gain further access to the building.  Once he got inside the spa, McCurren then is alleged to have torn the place up, smashing lamps, furniture, spa equipment, and even mirrors.  Frazier said it also appears that a fire extinguisher was sprayed through the building.  Somehow, McCurren worked his way into the kitchen, where he tore through half of a box of Hot Pockets from the fridge.  He then appears to have tried to warm some macaroni and cheese in the building’s antique oven before grabbing a box of Drumsticks. In more circumstantial evidence for broken mirrors being bad luck, McCurren was found around 10:00 a.m. the next morning, passed out in that box of Drumsticks while sitting at the dining table.

He reportedly blew a .106 on a breathalyzer administered by police after his arrest, meaning he was still legally intoxicated.  He was arrested for underage drinking, burglary, and vandalism.  The burglary charge is reportedly at the felony level, and the vandalism charge may reach felony level depending on the final damage estimate.

McCurren wasn’t, however, feeling very repentant for what he had allegedly done.  When police asked if he’d done any drugs, his response was, “I hope.”  In addition, “What really burned me the most was he wasn’t apologetic when he came down the stairs,” Frazier said. “You would think, even if you were that out of it when you come down, you’re coming down in cuffs… but he just had a smile on his face.”

WNDU brings us this report:

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