Spring Break Partygoers Riot, Injure Dozens, Including Cops

Spring Breakers rioting [KTLA screenshot]

Students intending to blow off steam ended up starting a riot.

The raucous ruckus went down this weekend at UC Santa Barbera in California. The massive party, named ‘Deltopia,’ devolved into a dystopian nightmare, as street signs came tumbling, fires were lit, and authorities were injured.

A university police officer was hurt after he was struck with a backpack filled with bottles of alcohol. According to the Santa Barbera County Sheriff, the officer required ‘extensive suturing’ as a result of the blow, which split open the officer’s forehead.

The officer had been responding to the event as it spiraled out of control, initially attempting to break up a fight. Once an arrest was made, the event quickly became a melee. Of the 15,000 in attendance, 100 were arrested and dozens hurt. Five officers were injured.

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Main photo: Spring Breakers rioting [KTLA screenshot]