That’s Dedication: Woman Deals Heroin From Her Hospital Bed

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A 38-year-old Pennsylvania woman stands accused of one of the more brazen drug dealings in recent memory.

The unnamed woman was in the Intensive Care Unit of the Excela Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg, Pennsylvania for an undisclosed (but confirmed as unrelated) medical ailment. She reportedly ended up on the radar of the hospital’s staff when they noticed an unusual amount of people visiting her in her room. What also triggered suspicion was how long each visitor stayed. Staff claim they were accustomed to seeing visitors stay for an hour or more, not just a few minutes. Another red flag was when one visitor didn’t even know the woman’s last name when he came to visit. Reportedly, this transpired while she was in the ICU, as well as after she’d been moved to her own room. Selling wasn’t enough for her, however. The woman also is said to have pumped heroin in her IV line at least once while in the hospital.

The hospital contacted local police, who sent in a confidential informant. After buying 30 bags of heroin from the woman’s hospital room, police were able to arrest her. They confiscated 380 bags of heroin, with an estimated value of $3,800. They also reportedly found another $1,420 in cash. These were hidden in drawers around the room, as well as her purse.

Charges were expected to be filed against the woman on Tuesday.

Update: The woman has been identified as Lori Sullenberger. Her boyfriend Jason Bates,  and accomplice, Robert Rearick, have been charged as well.

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  • Stephanie Chu

    Maybe she needs money to pay the hospital bills.