Disappeared: Two Women Vanish In Maui, Both Last Seen By Their Ex-Boyfriends

She was beautiful, charismatic and a ball of energy. This is one of the reasons why no one could figure out why or how 27-year-old Carly Scott would vanish without a trace, especially because she was pregnant.

On February 9, police in Maui, HI were contacted and pulled into an active and very bizarre missing person investigation.

Carly, known to friends and family as “Charli” was 5 months pregnant when she disappeared. What investigators didn’t know at the time would be the days ahead would turn over an array of clues, but none would lead them to the missing mom-to-be.

Crime Feed has been in touch with the Maui Police department and according to one of their press releases only three days after Charli vanished her SUV Toyota 4-Runner was found. It had been set on fire, stripped and turned over. The wheels were missing and nothing could be saved from the inside.

Hawaii News now reports Charli’s clothes, blanket and a slashed bra were found along Hana Highway near Keanae. Although the items were “filled with maggots” they were collected and stored. In addition, the same article says there was duct tape found along with a human tooth and bone.

Only 24 hours after that discovery, according to police, more evidence was found in the Haiku area. A person who was in a private search party found the evidence and contacted investigators.

Although investigators and volunteers continued to search, at some point, the investigation turned from a missing person case – to an active homicide investigation. In early March, Maui Police said they believe Charli was murdered, but they didn’t have a body – and they didn’t arrest a suspect.

Here’s what police know about where she was in the hours before she vanished.

According to Hawaii News Now, Charli was contacted by the father of her unborn child. A guy by the name of Steven Capobianco. He allegedly called Charli and said he was having car trouble.

Steven told the publication Charli, “(She) picked me up from my house at 8:30, drove out to my truck that I got stuck in Keanae and she dropped me off at my truck — it took me about 10 minutes to fix my truck, ’cause I had extra light tools with me at that time. And then we came back to Haiku. And I’m pretty sure I saw her lights in my rearview the entire time. I’m absolutely certain I saw her headlights in my rearview mirror until I got to Twin Falls and then I started speeding up ’cause I drive a little faster than she does.”

From that point, Steven claims he does not know what happened to Charli. He admits in the interview he failed a polygraph, but insists he was very corporative with police from the beginning and answering any questions they had.

Since that time, Capobianco has been arrested two times on unrelated theft charges.

Police have said, according to Maui Now, Capobianco is a person of interest, but he is not a suspect in her disappearance.

Along with Charli’s case, the Maui Police are working on another missing person investigation involving another missing mom. Moreira “MO” Monslave, 46, has been missing since January 12.

Crime Feed has also been in touch with Maui Police about this active investigation. According to a press release, Moreira was last seen attending a meeting with her son at the UH Maui Campus in Kahului. She was supposed to return to pick her son up that day, but never came back.

Maui Police said in a press conference Moreira was last seen at her ex-boyfriend, Bernard Brown’s house around 10 p.m. on the night she went missing. Four days after she went missing, police said some of her personal items were found inside a dumpster at the Wailuku Community Center.

Hawaii News Now covered the press conference and there it was also said, “On January 23, through his attorney, Mr. Brown declined to give a statement or participate in a polygraph. Through this time we have also processed Ms. Monsalve’s residence  and vehicle for possible evidence and interviews of the family and friends were conducted to gather all the information possible,” this according to Captain John Jakubczak.

Police said Moreira’s car was found two days later, but there’s been no sign of her.  Searches by air, ground and even in the ocean have taken place. Fundraisers as far away as Crofton, Md. have also been held to raise money for the efforts.

Police are not connecting Charli and Moreira’s cases. They said at the press conference the only connection is both women are missing and both were last seen by ex-boyfriends.

Either way, both families need answers and justice and Investigation Discovery wants to help.

If you have any information at all, whether small or significant, please contact the Maui Police department now. Please tell detectives you either read about the cases on Crime Feed or saw their stories on Investigation Discovery’s “Disappeared.” Our goal is to help investigators and families find the answers they need.

Detective Wendell Loo:  (808) 270-6516 (day hours) / (808) 268.2763 (after hours)

Charli’s family also has an anonymous tip form you can fill out with any information.  Please click here for the form.

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Photos: Facebook/ Maui Police Department



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