Watch A “Possessed” Woman Attack A Man On The Subway

The video below starts out like any other Thursday night on the subway, or in this case the Edmonton Transit train in Canada. One would assume that the young woman featured in the YouTube clip was having a bad day or maybe just one drink too many during happy hour? That is until she seems to become “possessed” and decides to attack an innocent Pringles-eating passenger. Below is footage of the woman prior to the attack in which she seems to be having issues with her necklace:

Once her necklace is off, she seems to calm down and decides to take out her phone. Moments after her phone back in her purse is when the “possession” begins:

She strikes out at the man, grabbing his neck and attempting to punch him in the face, and later, grabbing his ponytail. This obviously angers the man who in turn gets up to go after her and retaliate. The woman filming the video tries to dissuade the man by saying, “Hey, hey hey. She’s probably f**king possessed.” Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop the altercation and it leads to an intervention by ETS security. Much like a possum, the girl quickly falls to the floor as soon as security arrive on the scene.

The ETS says transit officers were doing their rounds at Churchill Station when the incident occurred and were able to respond quickly.

Both people were fined $500 for fighting in public.

Fighting on the transit is a rare occurrence.” said Cheryl Oxford, a spokesperson with the City of Edmonton. I guess had they been in a hockey rink, this would have ended differently?

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  • Taunya73

    I don’t see why he was fined. He should have kicked her a$$.

  • Patrick Davis

    lay off the LSD crazy bitch

    • Megi Arqimandriti

      LSD does not make you wanna choke people.. lol

  • inspiraloasis

    Why was the person recording her in the first place if she was just sitting there acting normal as the article states?

    • Donna Kondas-Braemer

      LOL I just said the same thing. I didn’t see your post. It’s all fake bullshit.

    • Adam Hubbard

      It’s pretty obvious to me that recording must have started shortly after the first “possession”

  • Cassandra Kindsvatter

    I don’t believe in possession one bit. People just think they’re possessed but in actuality, they have schizophrenia. I’ve met a schizo before, and this is exactly what he does. Explains there’s demons all around him, going into him, blah, blah, blah. Nothing Zyprexa won’t fix.

  • DivaLow

    She just on that Molly. No possession here!

  • Lainey Akins

    Possession my ass….she was strung out on something. Possibly bath salts

  • jayfree

    Bullshit. . They jumped on him first and I’m guessing they didn’t see when she attacked him first?
    He ass want possessed. . They would’ve just stopped attacking him all of a sudden if she was..

  • Blind Willy

    She was on that synthetic whacky weed.

  • Lynn Engle

    Dude was just defending himself. Really keep the nuts locked up you don’t want people to defend themselves.

    • Donna Kondas-Braemer

      He shouldn’t have touched her though. No matter what a man should never, ever hit a woman. Why didn’t the bitch with the camera phone help him? Because it was bullshit!

      • michael145

        I don’t agree with that no matter what under any circumstances a man should never hit a woman. If she is attacking you all bets are off. Self defense is self defense. No special treatment. If she wanted to be treated like a lady she should have acted like a lady.

        • Rae

          I agree. As a woman, if I attack someone without JUSTIFIED cause they have the right and privledge OF WHOPPING MY TAIL!! She is the same size as him if not bigger and he did nothing to deserve that.

        • Donna Kondas-Braemer

          So you & Rae think that it’s ok to hit a woman. Rae says unless there is a justified cause…what if she’s on drugs and having a bad trip? What if she’s mentally unbalanced? How would EITHER ONE OF YOU know that? I’m not saying it’s cool what she did but he shouldn’t lay a hand on her. Domestic Violence much?

          • Saskie

            And the other way around? Sorry, I’m a woman too, and I don’t care who attacks who, the victim has the right to self defence. A man attacks a woman she can defend herself, a woman attacks a man, he can defend himself. Enough with the damn double standard, look at the whole story and whatever the reason for the attack be it drugs or mental illness, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VICTIM. Self defence is self defence. PERIOD.

            Rae I agree with you, gender has nothing to do with it in a case of random assault.

          • Meghan Courtright

            No one should be hitting anyone. But people do have the right to defend themselves, regardless of their gender. A man has the right to defend himself against his attacker, even if they are female.

          • EJ Spurrell

            I understand where you’re coming from, but ‘domestic violence’ has nothing to do with this situation. If ANYONE attacks me, threatens me, my family, or anyone under my charge, I have the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to defend myself– even use force if it’s called for. If she’s on drugs and having a bad trip? Not a good excuse, at all. She chose to do the drugs, she should come to expect the consequences. If she’s mentally unbalanced, then it’s possible she could attempt to KILL me, and I have a right to defend myself.

            Hitting ANYONE is simply wrong. And anyone being attacked has the right to defend themselves, regardless of gender. I’m sick to death of this ‘women can do no wrong’ bullshit. Tell that to Karla Homolka, Elizabeth Bathory or any of the other female serial killers over the past four centuries.

            Just because a person might be physically weaker does NOT give them a free pass to commit violence. And if they attempt, getting put on their ass is absolutely an acceptable response.

          • michael145

            Domestic violence? Do you know what that term means? Domestic violence isn’t when someone attacks a total stranger on a train and the stranger fights back in self defense. And whether she’s on drugs or not doesn’t change the fact that she’s attacking someone. If anything that’s more reason to knock her down before she kills someone.

      • And when she grabs a knife or a gun from her purse? What then?

  • Ryan Rice

    One word…..Molly! Look it up. The effects are similar in most cases.

    • Nicole

      Stupid “look it up….on Wikipedia everyone” Molly don’t do that

  • michael145

    Why were they both fined $500? She should be fined $1000 and spend some time in jail. The guy was just defending himself. I guess because she’s a girl she gets a pass. Total BS.

    • Ceci

      He wasn’t defending himself because she walked away after attacking him and he went after her. If he had just alerted authorities after her attack and then pressed charges, he wouldn’t have gotten the $500 fine.

      • He was absolutely defending himself. This drugged out psycho already attack him from behind once. Now for all he knows she is going back to her purse to grab a knife or worse a gun. He stopped that possibility from happening and ended the chances of ending up a murder victim. He also eliminated the possibility of her attacking another blameless victim.

        She didn’t have a weapon yet, stop her before she gets one. Good for him.

      • S T

        By YOUR logic, if someone starts hitting you, so long as they stop and walk away, you can be arrested for confronting that person?

        Think about it…she had her hand on the guys neck and a fist ready to hit him and he did nothing. Then she was pulling is hair hard and he didn’t retaliate. When he finally got off the chair, it was because he wanted to stop her from getting away (and maybe assaulting other people). Perhaps he was gonna make a citizens arrest? When she starting kicking and hitting him more, he started to attack her back.

        By YOUR logic, the only time that guy is allowed to hit back is when she is actually hitting him. In between the times she is not hitting him, he is not allowed to do anything. How does that make sense?

        I think he showed great restraint the first 2 times she assaulted him. I don’t think I would let someone grab me by the neck with fist ready for 10 seconds and not fight back already.

        • Ceci

          I didn’t say it was my logic. Just stating how the law would see things and explaining why he got fined. That isn’t to say that he can’t appeal his case and get it thrown out/reversed by a judge.

          • S T

            yes, if he did that, definitely he wouldn’t have been fined. However, imagine if that guy was an off-duty cop. He would assault her back, handcuff her, and in the end she would get put away on assaulting a police officer. The point is that even if she stopped hitting him, if he was a cop, an assault charge to her ONLY would have resulted even if the cop hit her back, put her in a headlock, etc.

      • DSFARGEG

        You’re an idiot. I hope for humanity’s sake you are sterile and can’t spread your flawed genes. Flush yourself down the nearest toilet, you turd. A sewer is about the only place you’re worthy of.

        • Ceci

          Fool, go educate yourself or go back to your legos..

  • Ryan Parrish

    Possessed? Really? What a stupid question. Its called METH….He should have beat her ass. Maybe when she wakes up tomorrow and sees her face bashed in she’ll think about hitting the pipe and hitting strangers. What a loser.

  • Dajuana Carson

    He should not have been fined.

  • Tammy Sargeant

    This is shit. She jumped on him and every cop just came and jumped on the man and left her crazy ass.

  • Valentina

    That man should have not been charged..

  • Vanessa Ramsey

    BATH SALTS. Youtube other videos of bath salts behavior and they all exhibit the same behavior. There are a few videos and all the people are flipping around on the ground or acting erratic and “possessed” like her. The bath salts heat up the body from the inside out. It happens when the brain gets too hot and it literally makes a person go crazy. Frightening.

  • Marie

    If it is real, it looked to me like fining the man would be correct as he was NOT defending himself, he was retaliating after she stopped attacking him.

  • Hannah Mason

    I felt so bad for him- just sitting there, innocently eating his Pringles, when some chick attacks him and he gets thrown on the ground, arrested and fined- all for simply defending himself? That was absolutely ridiculous.

  • egay

    possessed?..haha..are you kidding ? ….she’s high on drugs….

  • Margie Nuñez

    possessed? she’s high on drugs….

  • Sarah

    Wow! The lady should lay off the juice. Not a self defense anymore as soon as he came after her but in all sense it’s too hard to not go after your attacker anyway.

  • aztecace

    had to go to Youtube since the owner pulled the video feed. This is BS, because why would you suddenly start videoing what should be a perfect stranger, on the chance something would happen, bad acting to boot.

  • ScaryLogic

    This seems REALLY fake to me.

  • Darklarik

    Why the fuck did they charge HIM? are you kidding me? anyone with half a brain could see she attacked him. Fucking Stupid ass security.

  • Hoko Le

    Ok, the video doesn’t even show her taking drugs. In fact before, all it showed was her acting crazy. There’s a lot of drugs already in processed food, especially the stupid MSG you find anywhere. Chemicals are everywhere. She most likely didn’t even know she was consuming drugs. Most likely she is schizo.

  • Samantha Niccole Hendron

    This video is a perfect example of society and it’s double standards.

    When the woman attacks the man, nobody even does anything but watch… but once the man started defending himself by hitting her back, people started defending the woman and making excuses for her. And then the fuckin security came out and attacked the man for DEFENDING himself nobody even comes to the man’s defense to explain that SHE attacked HIM first!

    Feminism: Damn it we want equal rights but don’t hit me cause I’m a LADY

  • Sara

    I am shocked at the amount of people claiming self defense. Self defense is when someone is harming you and you want them to stop. If she was still actively hitting him and he did this, yes, that IS self defense. But she walked away, the subway was coming to a stop. The confrontation should have ended there and she would have been fined. But he walked up to her because HE wanted revenge, not self defense. (She was no longer near him) And he really started to man handle her. And you can see something is clearly wrong with her.

    And to people confused why the lady was recording. She has a Youtube account and saw this woman acting strange so she decided to record her. No idea that was going to happen.

  • kwin

    Maybe she’s mentally ill, and had some sort of … fit. Either way, as soon as she made a move, if I was in his shoes, I would have restrained her until law enforcement came around. Instead of waiting to put the lid on the pringles so he could fight back.. He would have saved himself a fine, at the cost of some spilled pringles. I mean, its logical, stop her in her first offence, not when you put your pringles down – thats when it becomes a fight regardless of anyones mindsets. But whatever. As much as I agree, she shouldn’t be out in public if she’s not mentally healthy (whether its a chemical imbalance or due to drugs) and that he was being assaulted in the first place, He could have avoided the fine. And she would get the attention she needed, whether medical or law. Morals and integrity people, you don’t know anyones struggles but your own.