Is This Proof That Amanda Knox Lied About Her Alibi?

An Italian TV show recently broadcast CCTV footage which they claim shows Amanda Knox walking through a car park in Perugia in her old neighborhood the night of Meredith Kercher’s death.

The footage which surfaced on Quarto Grado is timestamped at 20:53, which would prove that Amanda Knox was not at boyfriend Rafaelle Sollecito’s the whole evening, as she claimed.

The investigative reporting show claims that the clothes worn and the walk of the woman is similar to that of Amanda Knox.

According to Barbie Latza Nadeau, author of Angel Face: Sex, Murder and the Inside Story of Amanda Knox, both the prosecution and the defense were aware of the footage but neither side found it useful.

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  • Josette Rice

    I know they keep saying there is no evidence that she is guilty and that “of course her dna is at the scene, she lived there” but I wonder if there is anything to be said about gut feeling… Something doesn’t seem right about that girl. Maybe it’s her body language or how she has dealt with the situation since her release. I could definitely be wrong but I wonder how many people think she might be guilty. I would love to take a poll.

    • she got away with it, ok. but she’s guilty, no doubt.

    • Leevora Harris

      So many innocent people have been convicted due to someone’s gut feelings and assumptions. Judging a book by its cover is not a good reason to say someone is guilty. I need proof. But Ms. Rice, I have to agree with you she does seem a bit off but who knows how we would seem to others in the exact situation.

      • Josette Rice

        I agree. I guess I speak from a little bit of experience. I have studied a lot about liars and body language and head movement. She just doesn’t seem credible and if nothing else I have learned that anyone is capable of anything. She just seems to fit the way that others in that situation have acted when they were guilty. Not in the usual sense of gut feeling. I should have said educated guess. The only thing that confuses me is that she has all of the traits of a guilty person except that she has been very quiet. Most people that have committed a crime like this will give way too much information when asked a question as simple as where they were and what they did with their day. They give specifics about everything they did like how and when and why they walked a dog or did laundry or ate but they won’t be able to say what the last thing they talked about with the deceased or what did the deceased do right before the last time you saw them. Those are the things I would like to know about. What answers she gave to those types of questions.

        • flnycus

          Very interesting comment!!

    • flnycus

      Well said. She may have been found not guilty but she sure as hell isnt innocent. Its the whole thing that she looks like an all american girl like an angel. Shes just another casey anthony. Put it this way, in the exact same situation i think someone who was african and had tattoos would be in jail and noone would bat an eyelid. Truth.

  • Scott E. Rhamey

    You would have to have a very active imagination to claim that that blurred photo is actually Amanda Knox. And those images of allegedly being the similar clothing and her alleged similar gate is laughable. Come on people, quit seeing things that are not actually there!!!!

  • cricket2490

    She’s carrying her backpack on s different shoulder than in the incriminating video and everybody has a dominant side of their bodies and it’s a habit that isn’t that easy to accidentally do differently. I don’t think that’s her in the black and white video.

  • Sandra Donally

    She has already been found not guilty now they need to leave her alone

    • raquel

      technically that’s not true, she was retried & found guilty. She just refuses to go back to italy to serve her time.

    • tifywify

      Yes they do

      • Stefan

        Why do they?

    • flnycus

      No she is guilty. Just because she looks liek an all american girl stop defending her. IF she was a black american girl you wouldnt give a crap im pretty sure.

  • marielos

    I think she is NOT GUILTY! !!

    • tifywify

      Me to

    • God.

      Then why did she lie about that night? Why did Sollecito lie and provide her with an alibi and them withdraw it?

      Someone cleaned up the crimescene and it wasn’t guede… his bloody shoeprints lead stright out of the house, he doesn’t even dwell around the bedroom door which is wierd as that door (Merediths bedroom) was found locked. So who locked that?

      I’ll give you a clue; the person who locked MKs bedroom door also cleaned the crimescene and staged the burgulary. Again this wasn’t Guede as his shoe-prrints are visible leading straight out of the house and he was seen a little later in a disco. He simply didn’t have time to clean-up and stage the burgaulary and be in that disco as early as he was.

  • Kathy Dempsey

    it’s impossible to tell; the black and white CCTV footage is blurry, grainy and “herky-jerky”. You can’t see a face or clothes or a gait clearly enough to make a comparison. That said, her actions and her ‘excuses’ just don’t add up to innocence, to me.

  • Deborah Sampson

    That’s not her.

  • Michele McGinty McHugh

    All I know is that if my roommate (whether I like her or not) was brutally murdered in my apartment, I would be on the 1st plane back to the US. I dont know if she was involved or not, but things just dont make sense…..

    • flnycus

      Shes guilty, why did she lie about being with her bf. He has also said he lied to protect her. From what? we dont know but there’s smoke. Definately. If that was a british girl who was suspected and an american girl who was dead 99% of these comments would be reversed in the exact same circumstances and want the “british killer” jailed. FACT.

  • yuki

    That doesn’t prove anything. If they had this and showed it when it happen than maybe, but damn someone could have just made that.

  • noonie

    I think she did it she seems so shady and it doesnt seem to bother her

  • albertm

    Do t h ey have radar eyes or are they god ?

  • Christopher F

    This girl had nothing to do with the murder, why would she???? Big waste of time and money. I’d never set foot in that country again if I was her.

    • Dimitri Theodosakis

      Italy is 1 Milion Years Old

  • Jess

    I’m sorry but it doesn’t look like her. The pants at the bottom are a bit baggier. And like someone suggested earlier; we have a dominant sides that we use to carry things. And the black and white their hair was up. If it was her as they said she wore the SAME clothes then she’d be wearing the beanie. Well she was proven not guilty therefore they can try her again Until they find evidence that truly leads to her. They just need someone to accuse. Maybe they should do more research on who the victim was with last.

  • jrpppp

    There was no evidence of anyone but Rudy Guede in the tiny blood soaked room where Rudy killed Meredith, all by himself. One set of footprints in blood: Rudy’s. No one else was there. Suggestions to the contrary are the sick lies of a desperate prosecutor, himself under indictment for abuse of office, and willing to frame two innocent college students to distract the media from his own disgrace. Stop pretending there’s any issue: Knox and Sollecito had nothing to do with this crime.

    • Jennifer Sonnier

      I have to agree, I was always uncertain of what I thought happened, I know I didn’t want to believe the 2 were guilty but needed to learn more about the case so I ordered 3 books- one written by an objective author, just outlining the case & not claiming belief of guilt or innocence of the 2, another book written by Sollecito & another penned by Knox- admittedly I have yet to read Knox’s book, but I did read the other 2 back 2 back & in no way am I convinced that the crime was committed by any other person other than Rudy, those 2 kids had nothing to do with that

      • God.

        Read my reply above.

        • Jennifer Sonnier

          Read it, I’ll
          consider your thoughts & get back.

    • God.

      Knox was involved in some way and sollecito covered for her. As soon as he lied he was neck deep in it himself and since that time his fate was interlinked with hers. If she went down, she would take him with her (due to his lies and his lack of an independant alibi). Since that date both have had to (distantly) rely on each other as his best chance of freedom was her freedom, and vice versa.

      Guede did the deed but Knox was involved in some way as she had locked MKs bedroom door, selectively cleaned the crimescene and staged the burgulary. Guede did non of these things as his bloody shoepprints are visible and the lead from MKs bedroom straight out of the front door. He didn’t stop at the bedroom door yet that door was found locked. Who locked it? and why?

      Stranger-killers don’t linger at the murder scene in case they are seen, the person/people who cleaned up and staged the burgulary knew that would have the house to themselves that night with zero risk of discovery if people returned home. Only those connected with the house knew everyone was away for that holiday weekend except the 2 non-Italian girls who were left there alone.

      These are indisputable facts and important clues as to what happened. Guede didn’t lock the bedroom door… but someone did, they also used the apartmments 2 angle-poise lamps to illuminate the bedroom floor, they also moved the dead body and covered it with a duvet.

      Why? The motive was jealousy. The bar owner, Lumumba, was about to give Kercher her own night at his bar, running it, while Knox was getting the sack as a glass-collector. And Knox had introduced Kercher to Lumumba!!! They met when Kercher accompanied Knox to the glass-collecting job interview as Kercher knew where it was. Lumumba took a shine to Meredith as she had language skills and could make cocktails, neither of which Knox could. Hence I believe Knox was insanely jealous and the final straw was her getting the “It’s quiet, don’t come in” txt from Lumumba at about 8:40pm on the murder night.

      I believe Knox was then cavalier about Merediths saftey and maybe left the front door open, or she let Guede in to use the toilet and buggered off back to Sollecitos apartment.

      But she isn’t innocent.

  • Sheryl Crouch

    I never believed she did this!! And if I was her, I wouldn’t go back to Italy either!! There is no way that young girl committed a horrible crime like that!! Where did the dude run to the very next day? He left Italy so he couldn’t be questioned!! He’s the one I believe did it!! Amanda Knox was not strong enough to kill that girl the way it was done!! It had to be a man!!

  • Sheryl Crouch

    And who could look at that horribly blurry picture & think it looked like Amanda Knox? It could be anyone…..male or female!!

  • BlogZilla

    How does that video prove anything? It’s blurrier than 1930s USA TV technology.

  • ll

    She has deep set eyes as does the cctv. Also the nose has similar shape. Surely facial experts would be able to make that determination, it is grainy but good grief, it seems like it would be close enough for computer analysis. If you look at people that swear on video that they are innocent, they all show similar body language. Would not have thought much about it several years ago, but I’ve seen so many on TV now that they all share common verbal and body features. It is if they were the same people but their not…just maybe guilty people.

  • Guest

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