Sandy Hook “Truthers” Tell Victim’s Mother Her Daughter “Never Existed,” Vandalize Her Memorial Playground

Sandy Hook Playground Theft

In what might be one of the more unbelievable turns in the post-Sandy Hook environment, memorial playgrounds in honor of each of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre have been vandalized. Only a few of the 26 planned playgrounds have been completed. The park honoring Ana Grace Marquez-Greene in Hartford had writing spray-painted on the purple signs in the playground just a week before The Grace McDonnell Playground had a peace sign stolen last week.

The most unbelievable part of the whole story is that the alleged thief in the McDonnell Playground vandalism had the nerve to call Lynn McDonnell, telling her that he had stolen the sign, and that he’d done it because he believed that the Sandy Hook massacre had been a hoax. According to NBC Connecticut, [t]he caller told McDonnell her daughter “never existed.”

No word yet on whether the caller was caught, or whether they are connected to the vandalism in the Hartford case, but we anticipate this person will be apprehended and we’ll have their mug shot soon enough.

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Photo: ©AP Photo/The Day, Tim Martin

  • koyokoyo

    Okay, want to squelch the rumors and make these evil ‘truthers’ shut up? I will give you a challenge that will be so easy but impossible at the same time. Release the video akin to that of Columbine. You know, that one video of Harris and Klebold walking through the school with guns which no rational person could deny? Let’s see the video of Adam Lanza walking through the school or even shooting his way into the entrance. Why is it so hard for people to see how suspicious the Sandy Hook shooting was especially when evidence is supposedly recorded on security cameras yet they won’t release it. What made Columbine any different? Why were we able to see those videos but not Sandy Hook’s? No ones asking to see the children being shot, but we are asking for proof that Adam Lanza was there. Until then, we will continue to question the events that happened in December 2012.

    • Pyro

      You…dont think the Sandy Hook massacre was /real/?

      • koyokoyo

        Whether or not it occurred is yet to be known because we have no proof. All we have is a man laughing hours after his child was murdered, no video footage, numerous inconsistencies which have yet to be ‘debunked,’ and multiple houses nearby Sandy Hook being sold for 0$ on Christmas of 2009 and nowhere else in Ct did that ever happen. Oh and let’s not forget that these people have gotten and are continuously getting millions of dollars in donations and still claim it isn’t enough…

        • Pyro

          You are absolutely fucking bonkers. Were the funerals of children not enough for you? Or are you one of those people who believe that the assassination of JFK was a CIA operation? Are you going to tell me that the holocaust was a hoax as well? Money doesn’t cover human lives nitwit. People go into shock after loved ones are dead, I know I didn’t react for days after my papa died. And an incident in 2009, three years before the sandy hook shooting, does not directly coincide with said shooting. And what inconsistencies? Do you want to see a man shooting children? I know that in my old school there wasn’t any security cameras in the classroom.

          • koyokoyo

            Yep just like how if you question anything you automatically believe in ALL conspiracies right? All we are asking for is footage of him shooting his way into the school. As I said in my earlier post, no one is asking for footage of children being shot, they just want proof Adam ‘no motive’ Lanza was there. YES, there were video cameras at that school and that is a fact. Again, answer me why we saw Columbine footage but not this one? If you would like to see some inconsistencies look up the 34 questions put forth on YouTube. Try to keep an open mind. Things very well may have occurred as the media reported, but you cannot deny that things seemed sketchy.

          • fuIMawesome

            the funerals were fake,jfk and the holocaust were real we have proof,no proof for sandy hook douche bag.did you set up a donation fund for papa? no?real people dont,but your probably not real,to bad you could be rich like the fake sandy hook kids. now go back and watch cnn and believe everything you hear like a good little retard.the awake people got it covered.

          • Pyro

            One: you motherfuckers need jesus.
            Two: fulMawesome you’re hella rude. Asshole.
            Three: please use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling before you even thing about speaking to me. Thank.
            Four: God forbid either of you breed. We don’t need more crazy people in this damn country we already have enough.

          • Arlene Akers Cammarata

            And you are horribly wrong

    • janalyn

      why do you need proof that adam lanza was there. This can’t be a hoax, no way. It’s all over the news, no way it’s a hoax. I know better. Keep your views to yourself, quit bothering these people, they are going through enough, without you putting your nose in there.

      • janalyn

        adam lanza was a very disturbed youngman. Why do you need proof? It’s what happened.

        • Arlene Akers Cammarata

          You’re exactly right Janalyn. I have a Facebook friend who lives in Alabama that believes it didn’t happen either

      • koyo koyo

        I am not bothering anyone. If you had taken any time to research the intricacies of the event, you too would have your questions. There was conflicting evidence whether or not Adam Lanza was there that day, again, research it for yourself and you will see. There is a reason I got 30 likes on my post. We all just want the truth.

        Why is it frowned upon to question things in society now?

      • Shaye Marie

        And the media never lie either? Do you believe everything you hear?!

    • Arlene Akers Cammarata

      It’s NOT a hoax! One of my student’s at school lost her cousin that day! I live 4 towns away from Sandy Hook! This is RIDICULOUS

  • notmyfirstnamechoice

    I don’t even believe this news story.

  • Beth

    So many sick people in this world. I hope they can find this evil person.

  • Dee

    Hum whats sandy hook? I don’t really keep up with current events.