UPDATE: Woman Accidentally Kills Friend Who Asked Her To Test Out His Bulletproof Vest

May 16 – A second person has been charged in the death of Blake Wardell. Twenty-five year old Timothy Fisher was arrested yesterday and booked into the Anderson County Detention center just before 11pm and was also charged with involuntary manslaughter and will face a judge this afternoon.

Timothy Fisher

Timothy Fisher. Photo courtesy: Anderson County Sheriff’s Office SC

In addition to Taylor Kelly’s initital charge, she is also facing charges of being an accessory after the fact.

May 15 – Sometimes being a friend means not shooting your friend…even if they ask you to.  Anderson County Sheriff’s have charged 18-year-old Taylor Ann Kelly with involuntary manslaughter today for the death of 25-year-old Blake Randall Wardell of Honea Path, South Carolina.

Deputies responded to a call at 2:45am Thursday morning and discovered Wardell on the garage floor, with a gunshot wound to the chest.  Paramedics were called to the scene but he was pronounced dead on the spot. He apparently bled to death after being shot while wearing a not so bulletproof vest.

Kelly, Wardell, and about 8-10 other friends were hanging out late Wednesday morning in someone’s home when they decided to try on an old bulletproof vest and have someone shoot the person wearing it.  Wardell was the unlucky wearer in this case, and he asked Kelly to shoot him. When she fired the small-caliber handgun, the bullet missed Kevlar, went through the lining and hit him in the heart.

Deputy coroner Don McCown said that the death will be classified as a homicide and that (surprisingly) there was no evidence of heavy drugs or alcohol use. Kelly is currently being held at Anderson County Detention Center. Her bond was set at $10,000. If convicted she will face a five year prison sentence,

The investigation is still on-going.

Do you think she should have been charged with murder? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Rita G

    Peoples stupidity never ceases to amaze me!

  • Christine Chase Sacchi

    It’s tricky because we have only her word for why she did it. A person could get away with murder by claiming accident. Although at least 911 was called promptly in this case, judging from this article.

    • Tameka Jones

      The article stated that 8-10 other people were there. Not only that, why would he have on a bullet proof vest? What would be the explanation for that?

      • Christine Chase Sacchi

        I forgot about the witnesses! Thank you for reminding me. The presence of the vest is evidence but in a situation with no witnesses would not be as strong. Thanks for pointing out there were witnesses. I feel sad this happened and yet it seems some punishment is warranted though not the same as murder.

        • Lisasc

          She’s being charged with involuntary manslaughter. Not murder.

  • dagdason

    Darwin award winner

  • Christie Poosz Salazar

    That’s sad and crazy! It amazing me what dumb things kids do (even my own!). Sounds like it was an accident though, like someone trying to jump over a fire and landing in it. They knew it was risky and thought they’d come out the other side fine. Sad for all the families involved. I’m surprised no alcohol was involved.

  • AM

    He told her to do it and there were 10 other witnesses. If it was really intentional someone would say. Yes it was stupid but we all do stupid things when we are young and think we are invincible.

  • Sean Fobbs

    This was an accident based on stupidity, or charge all of them as accomplices. since anyone of them could’ve said no let’s not do this.

    • Stormee

      Exactly, Sean!
      It was a stupid, horrible, PREVENTABLE move but it was an accident.
      Why didn’t the others stop her or the victim?
      She will always have to live with the fact that she pulled the trigger and her friend is dead.

      • Sean Fobbs

        stormee, great minds think alike

  • Hope Guyton

    Hell yes charge her. This falls under the “if everyone jumped off a bridge..” category. How stupid!

  • Valerie Dawber Cloud

    OH, they’re from the South. That explains it.

    • Melissa

      most people from the South are more gun-conscious than any other region of the United States. We protect our homes with guns, we kill our food with guns, we walk around with guns on us on a daily basis. If you take a controlled group containing 6 people evenly split between southerners and damn yankee’s guarantee a yankee with kill themselves or someone else first. Oh and you must be from the North, so that explains your shit ass snobby attitude. Do you have any ability for empathy or compassion? Hello, she was a young girl who just accidentally shot and killed a friend of hers and all your ignorant yankee ass can say is “oH , they’re from the South” …..WOW you may think of us all as a breed of uneducated, ignorant rednecks but i can assure you there is a flip side to that and at least we don’t assume ALL yankees are cunt ass itches like yourself.

      • Jessica

        Just because someone is from the north doesn’t mean than in a controlled group those from that region will be the first to hurry themselves or someone else. All of my family is from the south, I live in California (the “hippie”state) and have lived here my entire life. All of my friends love to go to the shooting ranges out here, and hunting whenever possible. Yet none of us have shot each other, accidental or otherwise. Where you live does not make a difference when it comes to gun safety, and awareness. It just shows your complete ignorance and lack of intelligence. My .357 doesn’t just go around shooting people by itself, and if California’s weapons laws weren’t so damn strict I guarantee you everyone would be walking around with a gun holstered at their side. Unfortunately you need a controlled carry permit to walk around with a gun out here.

    • Stormee

      The fact that this took place in the South has absolutely nothing to do with this horrible accident.
      Are we to believe that the North, Midwest, and West are free from accidental shootings?
      Are we to believe that those areas are free of young people making poor decisions?
      This young girl will have to live with the fact that she took a life.
      A young man made a stupid request and lost his life.
      To be glib about the reason is in poor taste.

    • Keith A Chapman

      Melissa u fkn rock took the words right outta my mouth and val don’t b a uppity snobby cunt your comment contributed exactly zero insight except that ura cunt i guess you deny the murder capital is in fact up north you just helped justify the souths view of yankees as being uppity cunts who think they are sooooo much better yet yall flock down south when given the chance i wonder why you never hear of southern ppl moving up north for retirement but most northern ppl can’t get down south fast enuff if we are such stupid ppl why the fk do yankees spend most there time down south every chance they get we obviously can’t b that bad huh so do the world a favor n go chug some bleach cause ur 1930s mentality isn’t needed anymore

      • Valerie Dawber Cloud

        If you’re going to call me an uppity cunt, at least use the correct article. I am AN uppity cunt, not A uppity cunt. Thank you for proving my point.

  • Jasmine Hillbilly

    I don’t believe she should be charged with murder simply because she had witnesses to testify that they were trying out a bullet proof best. I believe if anything she should have been charged with unintentional negligence.

  • Dan

    She never intended to kill , it wasn’t premeditated murder , premeditated stupidity more like it and its something she will need to live with and be treated for. A Horrible accident… She should be charged with a crime but the punishment will be no worse then what she will have to live with for the rest of her life

  • PeterPat

    He gave her permission ….

  • Jessica

    To be quite honest, if the deceased individual asked her to shoot him to test out the Kevlar vest it is that individuals own fault. There is always a risk of a life being lost when it comes to weapons of any sort, if he was stupid enough to put on an “old” Kevlar vest and stand in front of someone with a loaded gun and ask to be shot to demonstrate how bullet proof vests work, well then that was his own idiotic fault. If she gets a good enough defense attorney, and there are witnesses to say it was an accident, she will not be found guilty. She’s 18 and made a huge mistake. She has to live with the fact that she killed someone, even though it was accidental, for the rest of her life. He was 27, and if he didn’t have enough common sense to know better than to ask someone to shoot him that’s his own fault. It’s going to be damn near impossible to find a jury who will convict her.

  • Robert Twoface Payton

    No not at all …all those people knew plus it wasn’t her weapon

  • Dennis Woodard

    No.the memory of her friend will be a life time punishment

  • Aaron Yorkshire

    Let it be a lesson to stupid people & to stupid gun enthusiasts that guns are not toys. They have a place in our protection. When people misuse them so blatantly, they harm the rights of those who would use them responsibly. Freedom requires education & a will to participate in society as a responsible contributor. It’s just such a preventable tragedy. “Senseless” is the only word that comes close.

  • Kelly Jo Goodley

    Almost like Russian Roulette…Morons!

  • Hyper Driven

    Should have stuck to the drugs and alcohol LOL.

  • marquita b


    • melimar

      Honestly it should be filed as a unatentional suicide … he knew there was a chance somthing could of happened to his ass .. and to the CUNT north south I dont give to fucks were people are there dumb asses in all of us … you would probably be one of the dumb asses to shot there friends.. gessh finger gots to always be pointed at rednecks, gays, ect … no it was a human …

  • Sydney Garcia

    She didn’t mean to kill him so no she should not be charged.

  • Cherry Mae Vente

    This should be a lesson for everyone to “Think before you act”. I feel sorry for the girl. It’s horrible to live with the thought that she had killed her friend even if it was just an accident.

  • Marcos Blandino

    If they were smoking, none of this would of happened.

  • Mary Strobridge

    lousy vest

  • frankelee

    If you ask somebody to shoot you, don’t turn around and ask me to convict them of your murder.

  • Jess

    She is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. Big difference to murder. No she shouldn’t be charged but at the same time she should. He may have asked her but she could have refused the volunteering. Even if you volunteer to do something and it fails the fault is in your court. It was based on bad judgements and stupidity. Involuntary manslaughter and murder and two different things and they have their seperate punishments.

  • Steve Smith

    Cute….but stupid, I could get her off, she’s a victim of the US
    education system and mass media culture, she has to live with killing her idiot friend in front of a whole room of people denied gun safety training and immersed in anti gun misleading propaganda. The Brady anti-gun culture is also anti-gun safety too.