Woman Threatens To Shoot Up Burger King Over A Cinnabon

It was a freakout over fast food... and it resulted in a threat to shoot up a restaurant of diners.

The disturbing events took place at a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Burger King. According to witnesses, three women between the ages of 20 and 25 entered the restaurant and placed an order which took longer than normal.

When the food arrived, one of the three women complained that her cinnamon bun wasn’t fresh.

The trio angrily left. A few minutes later one returned, claiming to have a gun in her purse and threatening to shoot all of the diners and employees.

Employees announced they were calling police, which resulted in the three women leaving the store and area. Police are still searching for three African American women aged between 20-25.

Read more at KSHB via WCBD.

Image via WCBD.

  • Snazzy Snook

    So now it goes from “fresh hot fries” to fresh cinnamon buns ?
    Kneegrows what else can you complain about ?

  • kim

    Have it your way, at Burger King.

  • whthfk1

    Wow what the hell is wrong with people? Shoot out over this, that. the other.. It’s unreal the fact that some people are unable to resolve issues without having to resort to violence.. It’s a damn cinnamon roll get your fat ass out of Burger King and do something productive with your life.

  • Donald New

    I personally had went to burger king and had a problem over freshness. My burger was still cold, and my fries were burnt tasting. I was piss off because the manger roll her eyes at me as if it was my fault. Them cooks they have back their in them fast food places just their for a paycheck. So they use shortcuts to hurry up people food. #microwave

    • Megan Ludwinski

      Working in fast food for a whole 5 days (at the time I was desperate for a job, but then realized …not that desperate (not saying that it’s a bad place to work, just a long story since my experience was terrible)) they do in fact just keep your food warm in one of those warmer things, pretty much every fast food place does this. Some stuff you can tell is fresh, and others, it’s just been sitting there for who knows how long.

      • Kaitlyn

        Fast food restaurants have a time limit on how long to keep food in the warmers.It’s not ever some time that would compromise the freshness of it.

        Also,just about any place has a button or comment system that can be used to request your specific food fresh;if it bugs you that much.

    • susanb1

      Donald. Is English your first language? Just curious.

  • msxmargo .

    Wow are Cinnabon that good people will threaten people w/ murder- what a great sales pitch