2-Year-Old Found Strapped To A Stroller, Left Like Trash On The Side Of The Highway

It was an unbelievable, shocking scene on the side of a Tehachapi, CA highway when someone came across a toddler. Reports said the child was alive, by herself and stuck in a stroller. She was tipped over and was laying on the side of the road like a piece of trash.

Not only was the 2-year-old strapped in, but Sheriff’s deputies believe she was left there overnight and that she had been unattended for as long as 10 and half hours. According to ABC 23, it is believed the child’s mother abandoned her sometime around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, and she was found the next morning around 9 a.m.

Investigators were quickly able to track down 34-year-old Stacey Nikkel, the toddler’s mother. She is believed to be a resident in the area.

According to a family member interviewed by ABC23, just before the incident, a couple had been trying to adopt the girl and had her in their custody.  The judge at the hearing awarded custody back to Nikkel only last week.

Nikkel is now facing charges of child abandonment, child endangerment and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

ABC 23 said her bail is set at $20,000.

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  • Gretchen Gertken

    Poor baby! What on Earth was that judge thinking

  • jo

    Shame on that judge

  • Stephie Lynn

    people like this should be unable to breed. So many families out there unable to have children of their own. This really makes me upset. IJS

  • Barbara Morgan

    Sorry judge should have to serve a prison term and be disbarred for returning the toddler to this piece of white trash.

    • Cindi K Nicholas Grisham

      Why is she WHITE trash, She’s just trash?

      • BoundandDetermined

        Good point, it is time to stop the racism. Trash is trash, it has no color requirement. Stop racism whenever you see it.

  • Sariah Shepherd


  • Minerva

    Wow. Too many stories lately about loving couples trying to adopt kids and instead them going back to the “bio parent” and ending up dead. In this case, she is lucky to be alive.

    Under the influence of a controlled substance? That’s BS. I take pain medication that’s legally prescribed after I was ejected when my car flipped on the highway due to a drunk driver. Never ever ever has it impaired my parenting. If Anything it gave me my life back because I am able to play and keep up with her. But no doubt she will try and blame whatever “substance” she was on, which is complete BS. Plenty of parents have had to take medication after being injured or surgery, or had a few drinks with friends and never abused or harmed their kid. Just a pathetic excuse by a pathetic woman.

  • Jules

    Lock this crazy bitch up and THROW AWAY THE KEY!!!!!

  • disqus_zyKAE72jEE

    P.O.S. All you had to do is drop her off at a hospital safe and sound or even at any open fire department no questions asked bitch I hope you rot in hell. and as far as being a model bitch your dreams are gone !!! trust me

  • SicilianJae

    seriously this judge needs to go ASAP!!

  • erikapixie

    So was there a couple trying to adopt the baby or was she just saying that??

    • Tink Hales

      Looks like the foster family who had her wanted to adopt her, but stacy had finished what she was required to get the child back… (classes etc…) So the judge probably had no choice but to return the girl, since stacey did what was required. Hopefully this can turn into a good thing and they will now be allowed to adopt her.

    • rebecca deien

      They had the lil girl and the judge ruled last week last she be returned to her mother big mistake

  • Peach69

    Let the crazy B*** rot in jail..n tied her in the cell wit out food n clothes.to see how effin like it.. Bad mother. ..

  • Guest

    Umm… how is this news? This doesn’t affect anyone reading this, and all it does is generate hate for a stranger… especially when you use sensationalist buzzwords like “Left like trash…” There’s a lot of shitty parents out there. Do you really want to know how bad the world gets, or do stories like this just make people feel better about themselves as parents? I don’t see the point.

  • Maureen Zink

    Get this baby away from her now before she does something worse to her.!