6 Bulletproof School Supplies We Wish Didn’t Exist

Following Tuesday’s school shooting in Oregon, there have been at least 74 shooting incidents on school grounds since the Newton, Connecticut tragedy. Thirty-five of these shootings occurred on a college or university campus and the remaining 39 happened at K-12 schools. Ultimately, the rate of U.S. school shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre average out to approximately one incident every week.

In light of these tragic statistics, many school administrators and parents are desperately looking for way to protect students. BulletBlocker, the manufacturer of bulletproof backpacks for children, reported sales increasing from 50 to 100 backpacks per day, up from 15 to 20 a week prior to the Newton massacre. Could bulletproof school supplies and classroom equipment become the norm?

Crime Feed rounded up some of the most depressing, bulletproof school supplies that should never have to be on anyone’s back-to-school list.


Product: The Bodyguard Blanket 

Cost: $1,000 

The latest bulletproof trend circulating among news outlets is the bulletproof blanket. The Bodyguard Blanket, made de by ProTecht is a 5/16-inch pad, which the company claims is made from the same materials used by the U.S. military. The pads can also be used to protect children from other sharp debris, such as nails and shards of metal. While the blankets can serve as a cheaper alternative for tornado shelters, ProTecht asserts that they are best used in the event of a school shooting.

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Product: BulletBlocker Backpack 

Cost: $299.99 

Available in six colors and marketed as an “everyday” item, the bulletproof backpack boasts of its lightweight protective panel. The retailer also features a customer testimonial, describing her delight and sense of security upon purchasing the bag for her university-bound son.

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Product: Hardwire Bulletproof Backpack Insert 

Cost: $119 

Book bag armor inserts are becoming a more widely available and cheaper alternative to the fully bulletproof backpack. The insert claims to be able to stop a .44 Magnum fired at 15 feet. Reviews also feature parents noting that the product provided “great peace of mind” when sending their children to school. 

Photo: Amazon.com

Product: Bulletproof Classroom Door 

Cost: $1,499 

Along with parents, school administrators are investing in bulletproof equipment. The Pacific Bulletproof Co. features bullet-resistant steel doors for schools. While the doors appear much like any traditional school infrastructure, these protective doors feature peepholes, view windows and door scopes for added protection.


Product: Bulletproof Whiteboard 

Cost: $399 

Inside the classroom, teachers and students can arm themselves with whiteboards that double as bulletproof barriers. The University of Maryland Eastern Shore purchased more than 200 of the protective whiteboards as of August 2013. Unlike traditional whiteboards, the bulletproof model is designed to be strapped to one’s arm, enabling students and teachers to shield themselves from bullets in the event of a shooting.

Photo: Ebay.com

Product: Bulletproof Desk 

Cost: Varies  

Much like bulletproof blankets, bulletproof desks are an emerging trend. The desks are intended to be used as a barricade against potential attackers. In the summer of 2013, a central Ohio man was the first to patent the bulletproof desk, which can be customized to fit atop an existing desk. During testing, the desk could withstand nearly 30 rounds from a gun.

Beyond school supplies and equipment, one German engineering firm is going so far as to offer an entirely bullet-resistant school. With a price tag at over $3 million (fully bulletproofing a building is not cheap!).

Will you be buying your child bulletproof school supplies this August? Sound-off in the poll below.

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