Florida Woman Caught Stuffing Seven Frozen Lobster Tails Down Her Pants To Trade For Chinese Buffet…Or Some Drugs

Here’s what I’m thinking: at this point every criminal in Florida MUST know that Publix supermarket has a surveillance camera, and if you’re going to say, steal boxed wine with no pants on, or shoplift seven, frozen lobster tails by stuffing them down your sweatpants that you WILL get caught.

That’s how it went down for 30-year-old Nichole Ann Reed, whose occupation is listed on Facebook as “eating them”  at “The Dark Carnival.” Translation: she’s a Juggalo.

A security officer at the DeLand, FLA Publix saw her filching the frozen food on a surveilance camera. Police found her about an hour later when the lobster tails were starting to thaw, presumably.

Reed confessed to stealing the seafood, but not because she was planning to make an elaborate feast, but rather because she intended to trade the tails, MP $83.99, to a friend for either lunch at a Chinese buffet or some contraband Dilaudid. She hadn’t made up her mind yet.

Either way, an excellent trade!

You can see footage from Reed’s lobster heist below.

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