High School Reunion From Hell: Man Kills Ex-Wife And Her New Boyfriend In Front Of A Crowd Of 100

If you thought your high school reunion was a nightmare, it was nothing compared to the horror that took place this past Saturday night at the Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria in East Peoria, Ill, where more than 100 attendees were celebrating the 15-year reunion of East Peoria High School’s class of 1999.

The Peoria Journal Star reports that Jason Moore (40) pulled a gun on his ex-wife Lori Moore (33) and her new boyfriend, Lance Griffel (36).

“After just a brief moment inside the bar, he pulled out a weapon and shot a female and a male,” said East Peoria Police Chief Dick Ganschow. The pair, pictured above, were pronounced dead on the scene.

But that was not the end of it. An off-duty FBI agent, who declined to be named, just happened to be at the bar and, acting in the heat of the moment, shot and killed the gunman, Jason Moore.

Police Chief Dick Ganschow believes the off-duty agent acted in the best interest of all parties involved:

“It’s very difficult to say. You can play the ‘what if’ game over and over again, but I think it’s pretty clear in his case the presence of this officer and his ability to take very quick and very decisive action prevented a further tragedy.”

Investigators are still reviewing footage from the bar and questioning all of the many witnesses, including a motorcycle gang who just so happened to be hanging out there that evening.

Read more: (Peoria Journal Star)

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  • Mary C Haremza

    Now I know why there was an agent there. Can we say undercover

    • Mae Blackwood

      Or Off-Duty. . . FBI agents went to high school at one point, too.

      • Charles Mahaffey

        Nice body !

        • JulieMichelle76

          Please, Charles, by all means, use this horrible tragedy to compliment a woman’s body…because God forbid we take this seriously. Stop thinking with your pecker and show some respect. Two people are dead, jeez.

          • Charles Mahaffey

            I wasn’t talking about the dead chick

          • Charles Mahaffey

            Check out Mary C Haremza and you’ll see what I mean !

          • JulieMichelle76

            I’m well aware you were speaking to Marcy.
            You missed my point entirely.
            But, since you referred to the victim of the shooting as “the dead chick” I know all that I ever need to know about you.
            Have a nice day.

          • Charles Mahaffey

            Julie. If you want to date I’m willing. You’re not so bad you’re self!

          • Raymond John Arneson Sr.

            I think the lady hit on the head with you charles small c for small mind and other things that go with it

          • Charles Mahaffey

            You don’t make any sense and you look like a bear

          • Charles Mahaffey

            She’s not a lady, she’s a monster in disguise !

          • Tink Hales

            Stay classy charles <3

  • megan

    If you click the woman’s name, it takes you to a Facebook page. Don’t click the surveillance video link-it takes you to a porn site. So sad, and even more sad that someone wants to make a page that links to porn.

  • Mari Garza

    Another mental individual with a twisted mentality.
    If I can’t have you..no one can..
    my condolences to the family of the murdered couple.

  • Love sometimes hurts for everyone involved…..i dont think he was a threat to anybody else and needed to be killed however. But he most likely would have shot himself after that anyhow.

  • Annie

    Why do you have to mention the motorcycle club? We like beer and murder too! Didn’t see anything!

  • Paulette Lewis

    Sounds like it was known by some that it was going to happen, otherwise, why would and FBI Agent be at a High School Reunion.

    • Mae Blackwood

      FBI Agents went to high school at one point, too. He was off duty, their lives don’t revolve only around work.

    • Rose Parciak McAnally

      Hey Paulette, put on your “I’M STUPID” badge.

  • Mandy Calhoun

    This was all because the ex wife was not allowing him to see his children. He snapped. We have all been pushed to our limit some of us just handle it differently. Biker gang was just there. They do a lot for this community. Not all bikers are sons of anarchy types.

  • clara

    stupidest question…why was there an FBI agent at a high school reunion?….its a high school REUNION people

    • Penny Brown

      Why couldn’t he have went to school with these people? You know FBI agents were kids once too.

  • Garrett Kipfer

    Couple people in my family including my wife went to school with the woman who was killed…..It is tragic what happened and my heart goes out to the families involved. And also to the people who had to witness such an event.

  • Maryjane Moreno

    There’s a difference between club & gang. The article called it gang & the guy might have kept on killing if he wouldn’t of been shot. I’m glad he didn’t take the chance.

  • Karl

    East Peoria High School reunion at a biker bar…’nuf said. It’s East Peoria.

  • Rob

    Shame. She had nice boobs.

  • Vonny007Kik

    PTSD…….. plain & simple!

  • Asillem4

    LOL @ interviewing a ‘motorcycle gang’ In my experience, any group of riders who hang out together are considered a motorcycle gang by reporters. We all wear leather and jeans so we MUST be a gang, right?

  • We don’t know how the end a relationship. For that matter, we don’t know how to select a partner or start a relationship. It’s such a shame.