Last Seen Alive: Cameron Remmer Is Still Missing. Can You Help?

tom_klatt_squareby: Tom Klatt

Last seen October 6, 2011 in San Francisco  —  Age at the time of disappearance: 31

With plans to expand his medical marijuana business, Cameron Remmer headed to San Francisco with a $30,000 wad of cash, checks into a luxury hotel, and then vanished. When law enforcement agents had exhausted their resources, Cameron’s siblings decided to work the case themselves. They hired me and I consider foul play as one possible scenario while Cameron’s sister fears he may be on the streets, unaware of his own identity.

The case involving Cameron Remmer was unique primarily due to his age (29 years) at the time of his disappearance. Mr. Remmer had significant life experience and therefore contacts with many more people when he went missing. It is incumbent upon the investigator to re-trace the last steps of the missing person in order to locate and speak with any potential witnesses who can fill in timelines and therefore locations where the missing person was last seen alive. In this case, Mr. Remmer was last seen alive in a large metropolitan city in an area of the city where there is an active nightlife and social scene. The investigation had identified that Mr. Remmer was in possession of a large quantity of medicinal marijuana prior to his disappearance, which became relevant as we learned he may have been giving samples away or selling them to people frequenting the area. The “gray” area of the legal implications involving marijuana complicated the willingness of potential witnesses to openly discuss their interaction with Mr. Remmer. There is a different level of interest in searching for an adult versus a young person: The general perspective is that an adult, especially a male adult, is in control of their own destiny and therefore more likely to be “missing” for legitimate reasons.

Cameron Remmer

Cameron Remmer

The searchers, be it family or friends should always ensure they communicate with law enforcement with a view to establishing a positive working environment. It is very common for most families to fail to understand the role of law enforcement and quickly become critical and skeptical of whether law enforcement is doing enough. Mr. Remmer’s family expressed their frustration and I was able to arrange a meeting between a senior member of the San Francisco police department and the family in order to provide them with an opportunity to convey their concerns and open up the lines of communication.

Cameron is still missing, if you have any information on him or his whereabouts please contact The San Francisco Police Department at 415-734-3145, Inspector McKenzie; or call your local police.
 Case Number: 110819476

Cameron’s stats:



SEX: Male

RACE: Caucasian

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Sandy Blonde

HEIGHT: 5’9”

WEIGHT: 170 lbs

MANNERISMS: May appear confused if off medication

Tips/Recommendations for Loved Ones of a Missing Person

When approaching a search for a missing adult as opposed to a missing child, the search differs primarily based on the maturity level of the missing person.  Searching for a missing person may seem straight forward; however, when family and friends are emotional and under stress, I can assist in providing them with guidance on the process itself, the role of law enforcement, the role of private investigators/searchers.

A former Toronto Police Services Detective, Thomas Klatt established himself as an expert investigator during his 19-year career. Tom was involved in more than 70 murder investigations and had one of the highest clearance rates in Canada. 

In 1998 Tom and his partners opened MKD International a private investigation service that specializes in finding missing people. Tom heads their Missing Person’s Unit, which is the go-to agency for the Missing Children’s Society of Canada. Tackling cases around the world, Tom’s goal is always the same: find the missing and bring them home. You can reach out to Tom at:




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