Last Seen Alive: Ali Lowitzer Is Still Missing

amber_cammack_squareby: Amber Cammack

Last seen April 26, 2010 in Spring, TX — Age at the time of disappearance: 16

Fifteen-year-old Alexandria “Ali” Lowitzer got off a bus in Spring, Texas, and disappeared without a trace. Convinced she was abducted, her parents have been looking for her ever since. Now four years later, they’ve uncovered a new lead that took them to a crack house in Columbus, Ohio. I am determined to bring Ali home, but that situation proved more lurid and dangerous than anyone ever imagined. You can see my attempt to retrieve Ali in the video below:

After the filming, I have stayed in close contact with law enforcement, Amy Boggs, and several local drug users to be able to work from a distance in order to the girl we call Columbus Ali.

According to police and Amy Boggs, there was a triple homicide involving three female prostitutes a couple of weeks after the raid. The suspect is a well known pimp and went on the run with Columbus Ali. At the moment, it is unknown wether the three females murdered were some of the underage girls are being held with Columbus Ali.

Recently, Ali has surfaced back in Columbus Ohio and is staying with a new pimp. The local police are working vigorously to find and locate this unidentified girl that bares striking resemblance to our Ali. In hopes to finding new clues in Ali’s case, myself along with Ali’s family and friends continue to work closely following up on every lead and reevaluating old tips that have come in over the years. Although this girl, Columbus Ali, has been seen by many including myself we cannot positively identify her as Ali Lowitzer, until we get our hands on her. With that being said, we are still open to any and every tip that comes in and are currently working several tips from several different states .

Ali-Lowitzer-108Needless to say everyone on Team Ali continues dedicating countless hours in hopes that one day we will be able to bring Ali back home where she belongs! If anyone believes they have any information no matter how big or how small, please email the Hope for Ali Facebook Page or the Harris County Sheriff’s Dept. at 713-967-5810 Case: 10-57351

Here are Ali’s stats:

MISSING SINCE: April 26th 2010 from Lower Ridge Road, Spring City, Texas



SEX: Female

RACE: Caucasian

EYES: Hazel

HAIR: Brown

HEIGHT: 5’2”

WEIGHT: 145lbs


  • Catherine Joyner

    My prayers are with you

  • Erin O’Reilly Walker

    I pray you find her soon! Couldn’t imagine being in your situation and I am keeping you all in my prayers!

  • Stacy Elmore-Hacker

    I am a psychic from tn in Alis case you need to take a look at a sex offender that lived very close to Ali at the time she disappeared hes name is Christopher Anthony Hess

    • Hamburger

      Christopher Anthony Hess’s victim was a 9yo male. I’m not a psychic, but it’s very unlikely that he would target a teenage female.