Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Penis While Trying Holster His Gun

Talk about not-so-friendly fire.

A Macon, Georgia man got the shock of his life when he dropped his drawers to have a look after his gun went off when he attempted to holster it.

What he saw was the horrifying evidence that he had shot himself in the penis.

And that the bullet exited his body through his buttocks. There’s a joke there that we’re just too tasteful to make.

The gun, a .45, went off when the unidentified man attempted to holster it while at an area Sunoco gas station.

The man wasted no time in driving to a friend’s house, where he performed the self inspection.

Once he was aware of the gruesome reality, he drove himself to a nearby hospital. He was then transferred to a different facility.

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Image via Free Images.