Depraved Mom Allegedly Branded Her Daughters Like Livestock Just So Everyone Would Know They Were Hers

Sometimes Florida’s most unbelievable crimes make you laugh and sometimes they make you cry. You might need you Kleenex after hearing about the allegations against 23-year-old Kayla Oxenham of Port Charlotte, FLA.

The mother of two girls, a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old, was arrested Monday on suspicions of child abuse and neglect when staff at the little girls’ day care noticed scabs on their bodies and alerted authorities.

According to police reports, the alleged abuse happened the week of March 1st. The 7-year-old girl told cops that Oxenham got mad at the 5-year-old girl for locking their pet cat in the bathroom. As punishment, Oxenham allegedly grabbed the girl by the hair and “slammed her head into the wall several times.” Later that week, while at their grandmother’s house, Oxenham allegedly used a lighter to heat up a stick and brand the girls like cattle.

After the incident she reportedly told the girls she “forgot how much she loved fire.” Her alleged reason for branding her daughters like livestock? So that “the children could have ice cream” and so that she could “identify the children as hers.”

Oxenham, who denied the charges, is out of jail on bond. The children have been placed in the custody of a relative.

I’m literally speechless.

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