O.J. Simpson’s Dream Team: 5 Incredible Facts You Might Not Have Known About The All-Star Defense Lawyers

When O.J. Simpson was charged with the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman in 1994, the legal odds seemed stacked against the former football star.

Finding the best possible defense team was crucial to Simpson’s chances. He got that, and more.

What Simpson assembled, in fact, was a star-studded, experience-rich, celebrity-stamped cartel — the likes of which we may never again see. Here are five amazing facts about O.J. Simpson’s Dream Team:  Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., F. Lee Bailey, Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian and Alan Dershowitz.

1) Yes, Robert Kardashian Was Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob’s Dad.

At the time of the O.J. trial, the world knew of only one Kardashian: Robert, a successful businessman and longtime friend of Simpson’s.

Kardashian became famous the minute he read what seemed to be a suicide note written by Simpson the day he was scheduled to turn himself in. Though he had to reactivate his legal license, Kardashian joined the Dream Team as an assistant. Robert Kardashian died of esophageal cancer in 2003.

Bonus Incredible Fact: Kardashian’s fourth and final marriage, to Ellen Pearson, began two weeks after his cancer diagnosis, and just six weeks before his death.

2) Johnnie L. Cochran Was Friends With Michael Jackson—And Magic Johnson and Stevie Wonder And A Ton Of Other Celebrities.

Johnnie L. Cochran (the L, by the way, stands for “L”) was a well-known lawyer before the Simpson case, renowned for his skills as well as his outsized personality.

After the trial, however, during which he was the most visible of an astoundingly high profile team, Cochran became a national celebrity, frequently appearing as a talking head on news shows as well as himself on a number of network sitcoms. He became a go-to lawyer for the rich and famous, representing Sean Combs and Michael Jackson, among others.

Bonus Incredible Fact: Mount Vernon Middle School, the Los Angeles school Cochran attended, was renamed Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Middle School in 2006.

3) Robert Shapiro Co-Founded LegalZoom.

Robert Shapiro made his name with O.J., but it’s with a far less controversial pursuit that he may leave his greatest mark.

In 2001, Shapiro was contacted by a group of entrepreneurs about a legal document services site that would create standard legal documents such as wills and copyrights for users. Seeking a publicly known personality to be the face of the company, the founders pursued Shapiro, who nearly turned them down without having heard the concept.

Today, LegalZoom is the leading online “legal brand” catering to document creation for small business and private persons.

Bonus Incredible Fact: Shapiro founded The Brent Shapiro Foundation after the death of his son from an MDMA overdose in 2005.

4) F. Lee Bailey Represented The Fugitive and the Boston Strangler.

Bailey was responsible for what was possibly the key turning point in the trial: the cross examination of detective Mark Furhman, during which Fuhrman was exposed as having called African Americans “n*****s,” ultimately crippling his credibility in front of jurors.

But before that, Bailey had already carved out a place in American legal, and pop culture, history.

It was Bailey that represented Albert DeSalvo when the Massachusetts man, already in jail on rape charges, confessed in 1964 to being the infamous Boston Strangler.

And it was Bailey who won convicted murderer Sam Sheppard a retrial and an eventual not guilty verdict. The story of Sheppard, who was accused of killing his wife, eventually was adapted as “The Fugitive, “a successful 60’s TV show as well as a 1993, Harrison Ford-starring film.

Bonus Incredible Fact: In 1952, Bailey dropped out of Harvard to join the Marines.

5) Alan Dershowitz Is Advising Julian Assange.

Alan Dershowitz, one of the most famous lawyers in the United States, is no stranger to nationally known cases, whether it was the pornography-fueled “Deep Throat” case that touched on First Amendment issues or the Claus Von Bulow case, which was later explored in the Jeremy Irons-starring “Reversal Of Fortune.”

Dershowitz, however, is currently working on what might be his most far-reaching case, advising WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on “American aspects” of potential criminal charges the U.S. government may yet file against Assange.

Bonus Incredible Fact: Dershowitz was portrayed by Ron Silver in “Reversal Of Fortune.”

Photo:©AP Photo/Sam Mircovich, Pool, File

  • crown58

    The OJ Simpson trial was over 20 years ago. But the media still adds those murders with the trails of today, like Amanda Knox, Jodi Arias, Arron Hernandez. I’m mean sure he killed 2 whites , but will OJ be added to future murders even in the 25th or 30th century? What about Phil Spector, Robert Blake ect. ?

    • Burl Barer

      OJ was found not guilty, and for good reason. The jury paid attention. Spector, in my opinion, should never have been retried after the first time. If he would have had the same lawyer, he probably would never have been convicted. I still don’t understand why he was convicted!

      • SG Fitzpatrick

        The jury fell asleep during the DNA evidence portions. That was key, as was a phrase we hadn’t heard as often as now, “The race card”.
        I remember just where I was when watching that still insane “chase” of his white bronco, and all of the trial. The verdict came down another day I remember exactly where I was and it was bizarre… seeing people be split by color so much – as if OJ was some “poor black man” persecuted by the police (Thanks to the actually racist Furhman [sp?])
        OJ did it. I never expect justice in this life.

        • Burl Barer

          They didn’t fall asleep when the FBI expert testified — he was summoned by the prosecution, BUT testified for the DEFENSE. Pure and simple the jury was not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt.

          • Who was convinced and to what extent, does not make Simpson innocent.

            Only in the ‘Disunited Failed State of Gomorrica’ can people turn a blind eye to egregious miscarriages of justice and cite trivialities and technicalities as justification.

            No wonder a mendacious, mildly retarded, overtly incestuous billionaire is vying for POTUS when the nation is populated by so, so much bipedal vermin…

          • RitaT

            Where do you get your ridiculous and inaccurate version of the trial? You clearly have an agenda versus having intelligent, informed and honest discussion of this case. How anyone can sincerely believe OJ did not commit these murders is astounding – and pathetic.

        • Jose T

          How can you ask for justice unless you ask for cops that were racist ala Rodney king to be imprisoned next to OJ. He was a poor black man he came from nothing why shouldn’t he fight for his. Was Goldman a poor white guy? Jeeze are you kidding me the jury never fell asleep the DNA part was the best part of the case! Not all cops are bad btw.

          • If Simpson were within my reach, he’d be dead.

            …And you can take that to the bank!

          • Keaira Yates

            Because he got off?? I’m just curiously do you feel the same way about George Zimmerman??

          • Lex talionis.

      • martin69

        Spector was convicted because he shot a woman in the face in his home and killed her. He then ran out to his driver and said “I think I killed somebody.” And he was correct. Simple case.

      • jensent

        boy are you for real? oj did it specter did it and that’s just facts

      • OJ was found not guilty, and for good reason.

        And that reason was: M O N E Y

        • RitaT

          And race.

  • Jennifer Sonnier

    This case stands among the top 5 largest, most ridiculous & embarrassing miscarriages of Justice the U.S has seen to date! It’s more than obvious that OJ is guilty as sin & yet he walked right out of there


      That’s bc the black jury refused to vote guilty based on race not facts. U remember how all the blacks in the world were happy? And how they turned it into a white vs black thing? They did it then and they still do it with everything today and they say whites are the racist ones. Lmfao. (Have u ever seen a trail of a white man that was guilty, that every one praised him when he got off? No bc whites aren’t racist like negros are)

      • Tim hill

        But ones do the same thing Rodney king trey von martin,

        • Dr. Claw

          Not comparable. In the Martin case, the prosecuting attorney deliberately charged the accused with a crime exceeding what the evidence of the case could prove beyond a reasonable doubt. A manslaughter charge could have easily sealed a conviction for Zimmerman, but Angela Corey, having no interest in actually prosecuting the man rather than silencing a growing number of complaints that nothing was being done, decided to cheat. The details of a 2nd degree murder requires premeditation, which couldn’t be proven in a case where it seems that Zimmerman shot and fired in the heat of the moment.

          Similar tactics are employed in police cases, where the accused is a law enforcement agent who was found to have caused a wrongful death. These are numerous and documented.

          In the OJ case, the prosecution believed they had evidence supporting a murder trial, charged and tried OJ accordingly. The State of California was unable to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

          Yet, because of people who are not honest about their own racism, we still have to hear about how “OJ is guilty” over 2 decades later.

      • Burl Barer

        Research on verdict reaction is of interest – Jews and Hispanics maintained the presumption of innocence on which America prides itself, and were pleased with the verdict. One thing minorities share in common is the view, based on experience, that you can’t trust the police

        • presumption of innocence

          That mantra goes distinctly mute in the theatres of war the U.S. fashion…

        • Danymity Dan

          Source? Don’t be “that guy” Name your source!

      • Burl Barer

        If you are not convinced that the prosecution proved guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, you must find the defendant not guilty. There was reasonable doubt, and plenty of it. Simple verdict.

        • jensent

          burt how stupid are you? his guilt was obvious by all the true evidence. what these horrible men did was play up things like race. the blood evidence alone would have convicted anyone else. We just recently find out that a knife was found at the former simpson property at rockingham and once dna test are complete I am sure it will prove to be the murder weapon It is fools like you that corrupt our legal system

          • The U.S. legal system – as with its political counterpart (the two, not always mutually exclusive, it should be noted) – is little more than a name-calling contest, which services those with the biggest mouths, employed by those with the biggest wallets.

          • Dr. Claw

            And just like that, when held under scrutiny, said knife was then found to have no DNA of any of the victims or Simpson on it. Typical, blaming “race” as the reason the prosecution could not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Also typical, that 20 years later, that we are still talking about this case because people such as yourself won’t let it go. If you want to blame anyone, blame the LAPD.

        • Keaira Yates


          • the general

            Your comment proves you never finished elementary school. Hahaha. Loser.

          • Keaira Yates

            Lol, if I was a loser I would be just as mad as yourself. If he did do it WHAT’S IT TO ME?? He’s in jail now. Maybe for the rest of life. Your mad and it’s ok!!

          • the general

            Lol. Keaira Yates is so dumb she can’t even understand I was stating a FACT about her horrible grammar. It has nothing to do with being mad. I am only 15 years old and I am smarter than Keaira. People like you drag this country down. You only think he was innocent because he is black and so are you. Your name, point of view and lack of education leads me to believe you are a urban black female.

          • Keaira Yates

            Your an idiot, I’m not black. I really don’t care if he killed them or not. My name doesn’t indicated my race. AND trust me I’m very educated. Black people are uneducated and white people shoot up schools and movie theaters then blame their “MENTAL ILLNESS”. But hey what’s it to me?? And your probably one of them that’s being played with. Do you need someone to talk to you?? I’m the one I’m a child social worker. And willing to help you. Lol, you probably live in a low income home and I’m probably one of the one of the people thats paying for your health care!! But you have an awesome night young man!!

          • lisa

            and you don’t believe he’s not guilty because he’s black? that’s just what you think, what you base your opinion on and we all know it. so own it!

        • the general

          Actually IGNORANT people didn’t understand DNA or basic EVIDENCE. The defense did their job by CONFUSING IDIOTS like you. Haha. Didn’t fool me or any of my family but then again were are not stupid gullible idiots like you. Hahaha. You are what’s wrong with the world. People like you and your family are proof the world is headed towards “idiocracy”.

          • Raymond Beck

            The public trial with TV led to trial by news media replacing trial by jury. A combination of left wing feminists combined with right wing racists led to a general view of OJ’s guilt. Worse, OJ was “too white” for black activists to support. OJ was innocent in a trial where the jurors saw racist lying police try to frame OJ. Conservatives believed police no matter how dishonest or racist. Liberals wanted OJ punished for domestic violence, regardless of his innocence for murder, and were upset a wealthy man otf. For liberals all wealthy people are guilty.. Black activists preferred to support guilty criminals who were impoverished, rather than an innocent black with wealth. No one was left to support OJ except people like the jurors who carefully weighed the evidence.

          • Barbara Dimry

            I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion. I watched a lot of that trial and it’s shameful how evidence was mis handled. OJ had a great team of lawyers.
            I have been reading your responses and I am blown away how you; a supposed social worker who is supposed to encourage, protect and help children that your reacting and responding in that manner with a young and impressionable child. I think that maybe you need to respect yourself and be aware of how and what your posting. It is shameful how you reacted to that young teenagers post.

        • U weren’t ever KANGZ

          Even a couple of the jurors say he was guilty and they regret giving in to peer pressure and voting not guilty to just get along. They said that the black jurors said that they were never going to vote guilty and they were doing what black people do calling the whites racist for wanting to vote guilty bc of all the EVIDENCE. If that case was tried today he would be found guilty the blood evidence would prove it. Back then ppl didn’t know what dna was. Now there is no disputing it. So he is lucky it was in the 90s and 2000s. However karma got that thug in the end anyways. He is in jail and will die in there just a shame he was free so long after killing 2 people

      • Shemakah Preston

        Oh silly Billy no need to celebrate when guilty white people walk free because they do it all the time. They are expected to be freed no matter what. What bothers white America more than OJ’s guilt or innocence is the fact that a black man used the system to his benifit.

    • Jose T

      Know your facts OJ was innocent blame the prosecution and the racist (at the time)lapd

      • jensent

        you are another fool. guilt or innocence has nothing to do with race and the fact that this country still plays that is pathetic oj was and is guilty as sin and he will one day answer to a much higher court. meanwhile he is exactly where he belongs…behind bars We are just now learning about the knife that was found on his former property..hidden until now and is being tested for dna…get a grip..he did it and we all know it

        • the general

          Smart people knows he did it. Dumb people still think he is innocent. Want proof? Look at all the comments. The only ones supporting that murdering animal are people that can’t even type a proper sentence. FACTS are FACTS. I rest my case.

      • Jennifer Sonnier

        Jose- you are a true fool. Take your own advice & check your facts. Also read up on a little something called DENIAL- bc you’re in it

    • jensent

      You are so right Jennifer. and as time has passed and the murderer has displayed even more bad behavior landing him where he belongs…in jail…more and more people have recovered from the brainwashing and lies perpetrated by johnny cochran and the rest of his evil crew, and know…He did it! Of course he did it! no longer can the obfuscations cloud the truth of the overwhelming evidence that proved without a doubt that he did.

      • Jennifer Sonnier

        Thank you Jen, Jose’ is a moron, he should take his own advice & brush up on the facts & also gain some self awareness so he can realize he’s in denial- or as I said before, just a moron, maybe both.

        • Keaira Yates

          If he did do it WHAT’S IT TO ANYONE?? George Zimmerman got OFF on murder!! A WHITE MAN JUST shot at the police they didn’t kill him. And he’s out on bail.. Bad things are happening ALL OF THE WORLD RIGHT NOW and people are MORE concerned about a case that happened in 1994.. I don’t get it BLACK people use the race card and WHITE people shoot up movie theaters churches and use their mental illnesses to GET OFF.. SO WHAT’S IT TO ANYONE IF HE DID IT??

  • Mahi Tuna

    The jury has to go down as the number 1 dimwitted group ever put together. They are all probably watching you tube now and learning how the reptilians are taking over and the Illuminati is behind it all.

  • Grandma C

    The trial was lost when it was moved to South Central L.A. No jury, after months and months of evidence would be able to come to a verdict in less than a day. It would have taken that amount of time to select a foreman, to go over each charge and to get all the legal papers signed correctly. They were ready to “show whitey” as soon as they entered the jury room. I remember one juror, after the trial, say she voted not guilty because she KNOWS that no black man would use a knife. Black men use guns and Mexicans use knives. THAT was her reason. No. This was a South Central bigoted racist jury who could not wait to have their way with the police and the courts. Reverse racism. The trial was a waste of time and money. Also one white lady juror said, after the trial, that she was threatened and gave in to change her vote. She was crying when she was interviewed. Nope “Blackie” got back at “Whitey”. THAT WAS IT.

  • TheR

    OJ wasn’t convicted because Nicole was killed with such skill, the Columbian neck tie. It takes time and experience to perfect that. OJ is a football player not a skilled killer. Do I think he was implicated or was it his fault? I think he did something to the maybe even the point of being an accomplice but he didnt do it himself.

    The glove didnt fit. So he was acquit

  • Jose T

    Bull oj is innocent goldman was a drug dealer and drug dealers in LA don’t live to see 30. Nicole was a druggie and all her friends were too! Ron was a 3rd degree blackbelt and oj could barely walk he was crippled from football. Know the facts! The lapd had a bad reputation for being racist for a reason it was a perfect storm for the defense.

    • SG Fitzpatrick

      Oh wahh. What are you, fifteen?

    • Burl Barer

      Jose is correct — I was in the LAPD chat room the night of the murder and they mostly talked about the whole drug operation etc.

      • Jennifer Sonnier

        What exactly is it that Jose is correct about? I can’t seem to find any post from him that implicates he’s correct about anything-

    • Michelle Rapp Andrus

      He walked just fine. Where did you come up with such bull that he was crippled?

      • Jose T

        He played football and was a running back did you ever watched him walk at the bills hall of fame reunion? He looked like a newborn horse. Know your facts

        • Simpson’s brain was the problem, not his legs / gait.

      • I think he meant Simpson’s brain was crippled… from a career of gridiron head-butting.

    • Lisa Davidson-Magas

      OJ had no trouble walking when he was on the golf course almost daily…while “looking” for the real murderer…of course. He’s finally getting his karma and never get out of jail…as he shouldn’t!!!

      • Jose T

        Karma no way! Know the facts you know nothing abot the case or his many knee surgeries ! Ignorance is why he was found not guilty! Racist cops white cops is who you should be mad at! Thats what freed him!

    • jensent

      you are another fool with no brain

      • Jose T

        You’re an idiot that cant get through your brain that he was innocent under a legal system created by white people! Anything you say sounds like you’re angry a black man was found not guilty!

  • susan

    If the Prosecution had done their due diligence, OJ would have been found guilty. They didn’t, he wasn’t. The glove didn’t fit, no matter how many blood drops there were or where they were. I’m White. I thought he was not guilty. Not all White people disagreed with that verdict.

    • jensent

      IDIOT…anyone knows that leather gloves shrink when soaked with liquid
      this was another theatrical obfuscation by the lowlife trickster cochran and his band of evil egotists who cared nothing about the truth but only about their own self interests. In the end they will all pay the price for taking sides with a murderer

      • Jose T

        Really if they will pay the price than why talk about it? Sorry a black guy was found not guilty….

      • If the lawyers’ retainers fit, the jury will be duped to acquit!

      • RitaT

        Agree. Plus, OJ wore a latex glove when trying on the bloody glove so not to contaminate the evidence. That alone would make it difficult for the leather glove to fit. Additionally, OJ splayed his fingers, which also made it look like it didn’t fit. Darden made HUGE error asking for OJ to try it on.

      • susan

        Jensent…That is not the way the Judicial System sees it …and you are part of the System if you have or ever will sit on a jury. And when you do, or if you have, it is not an easy as thing to do.

  • Charles

    There was also something during the preliminary hearing when they were questioning the police if they went down the side of the house they say came from they said no they didn’t the lawyers asked why because there were cobwebs down there .So they expect a person climbing over a wall on the neighbors house to his property not to mess with the cobwebs

    • U.S. cops are mostly lazy, apathetic and racists… even the ‘black’ ones. These are infamous signature traits of U.S. cops and so have been thusly portrayed in media for time immemorial.

      If the LAPD had done their job even remotely as required, the CTE suffering Simpson almost certainly would have got the chair.

  • Lisa Davidson-Magas

    The most confusing part of the trial was….EVERYONE knew OJ killed Nichole and Ron Goldman….including his attorneys. JC played the race card knowing that the jury was mostly black…funny thing is, OJ was white in every way but the color of his skin and they couldn’t comprehend that he didn’t a darn about blacks. Looks like Karma caught up with him and he will spend much of the remainder of his life in jail!!!

    • ….EVERYONE knew OJ killed Nichole and Ron Goldman….including his attorneys.

      Lawyers are trained to lie – literally – and paid ridiculous $um$ to do it convincingly. They have zer0 compunction about sentencing innocent people to death, or saving those who deserve death, as long as their hourly retainer keeps ticking over.

      Such is the unscrupulous, ‘Gordon Gekko’ society the U.S. has fashioned for itself — indeed, such are the seeds it has sown for its own downfall.

  • jensent

    All the boys that defended this murderer are despicable. Interesting that kardashian died of throat cancer…he knew the truth and didn’t speak it. johnny cochran was a lowlife who also died a horrendous death from cancer because he too knew that simpson was completely guilty…shapiro lost his son to drug overdose and believe me in the end, all these evil men who profitted by defending a criminal will pay the price for their horrid actions. justice comes not necessarily at the hands of men but by universal justice of spirit

    • As much as I know their deaths are certainly due to lifestyle choices and / or hereditary reasons, it is nice to think karma exists and wreaks just vengeance upon our species’ many scum constituents.

      • jensent


    • Keaira Yates

      Ok so what about George Zimmerman??

      • Dr. Claw

        She likely has no response, because the same racism that fueled that ridiculous response about “karma” and “spiritual justice” would allow her to believe a “2nd degree murder” charge was appropriate in the Zimmerman case based on the actual evidence. The verdict of that case was appropriate, but only because the prosecuting attorney deliberately chose a charge that would be impossible to prove in court.

    • lisa

      i doubt seriously that their deaths had anything to do with being oj’s lawyers. ridiculous lol

  • Only in the U.S. are the scales of justice so heavily weighted in the favour of money, that a blatant, blood-stained murderer could laugh his way out of a guilty verdict.

    No wonder the U.S. hegemony is in its death throes…

  • Jennifer Sonnier

    Anyone interested in reading how exactly the crime went down- should pick up the book that OJ wrote ‘If I did it’ the Goldman’s won the rights to the book in court & allowed it to be released to the public bc it reads as a confession- and it truly does- and bc OJ schemed around in many efforts to not pay them any of the restitution they were awarded in civil court, so they decided to let the public read in OJ’s own words how he murdered Nicole & Ron…. It’s definitely worth the read, and answers most of any questions if anyone has any, that are attributed to the doubt of his guilt.

  • ann Smith

    Looks like none of these lawyers survived unscathed from kharmic revenge. Now Dershowitz is being accused of child molestation because of his associations with a convicted child molester, Epstein.

  • Raymond Beck

    Cochran was a civil attorney. Kardashian had to get his law license back. Shapiro was just there to do he appeal, if needed. Bailey hadn’t won a case since before he lost Patti Hearst’s case, long ago. Bailey lot got some disbarments. Alan Dershowitz is good, but what did he do in the trial? According to former LA prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, the “Dream Team” was incompetent, and only Barry Scheck did a decent performance, but Scheck was limited to only the DNA testimony. Bugliosi finds other reasons for the acquittal, all unrelated to the “Dream Team” performance. When the prosecution saw OJ spend this much money, the LA prosecutors upped the ante and outspent OJ far more than in any other legal trial. Clients with public defenders faced better odds. It’s popular to blame money & the “Dream” team, for the acquittal. The news media bought into a myth

  • Soldier

    The Dream Team paid the ultimate price. God killed them off one by one and even took the son of one of them. I love it, you choose Money and Greed over what is right. Glad that those that hurt other have suffered the Most. God is Love, but God also vengeful.

    • lisa

      people are going to and do die regardless if they chose money and greed or not. dying is our fate from the minute we’re born.

  • Leanne Dinwiddie

    There is only one truth here and it is that rich ppl get away with murder.

  • Leanne Dinwiddie

    Also thats how these kardashian dicks got famous,what a f***ed up world we live in

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  • VincentVern

    To the general, how old are you 14? You act like that so grow up and I do 100% think he’s guilty. When you do things like this to people it does not matter what colour your skin is.