Your Daily Cry: Girlfriend Sells Deployed Soldier’s Beloved Dog On Craigslist And New Owners Are Reluctant To Give Him Back

When Robby was deployed to Afghanistan, he left his 3-year-old Shiba Inu, Baxter, in the care of his girlfriend. And what did she do?


According to News 5, when Robby learned that his best friend was missing and put up Facebook page to help find the pooch. As social media often tends to, Robby received some bad news. Well, good news. No, bad news. I’m not sure.

Basically, he discovered that his girlfriend “for whatever reason” (!?) sold Baxter to a family on Craigslist who were in search of pet and now they don’t want to give him back.

“They keep saying they have children that are attached,” Robby’s mother, Karen, told News 5. “Well my child is attached to the dog. Just because he’s older doesn’t mean he’s not my child.”

That’s when anonymous Good Samaritans on Facebook mobilized to try to help reunite Robby and Baxter.

Supporter Nancy Wallace made a good point:

“Thats just not something we should let him sit over in Afghanistan worrying about, his dog.He should be doing the job he’s there for and not having to worry about that. He should know that his dog is home and with his family and will be waiting for him when he gets home.”

Other people share Wallace’s sentiment. They created a Facebook page to raise reward money to entice the family to return the dog. They’ve even found an attorney who is willing to help the family stay anonymous and facilitate the transaction and help them find a new dog.

Let’s hope when Robby returns home from his deployment that Baxter will be there waiting.

As for the girlfriend. I would say there’s a very good chance she’s in the doghouse.

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  • This is just so wrong. :'( Poor boyfriend. 🙁

  • Mae Blackwood

    I like how it keeps saying “girlfriend”. . . Is he really still dating her? I would have dumped her ass fast as hell for that.

    The family who has the dog now seems like they’re just waiting for some cash pay out. They seem like horrible people.

  • tewkewl

    that is the END of this relationship. dude, if someone sold my dog while I was in harms way, I would be so pissed off. instant dump. might even sue her!

  • Dennis M Wholey

    Page doesn’t seem to exist.

  • Zomby D’Wulf

    reward nothing, the gf did not have the legal right to sell the dog, they HAVE to give it back, they can sue her for the money, but under no circumstance should they get anything else as they are in possession of stolen property and by refusing to give the dog back they are party to the crime

    • sjkz

      Theft by receiving….

  • Steve Smith

    This happened to me once. The apt I was living at was forcing people to get rid of their pets, so I had to give my dog up. Shortly afterward due to the rage and stress this was causing their changed their mind only after the deadline for residents to get rid of their pets had passed, so I had already given my dog away.

    I did reach out to the people I had re-homed her to and the refused to give her back, (this was about a week later mind you) which left me really bummed. Since I had raised the dog since she was a tiny puppy when I adopted her at the city animal shelter.

    Long story short, eventually these people were moving someplace that had a no-pet policy so they had to get rid of her, so they returned her back to me some 8 months later. That was five years ago, and I sincerely hope Robby can get his dog back. I’ve been there and it wasn’t fun.

  • Robert Frederick

    shame on her,she should be ashamed of what she has done to both him and his dog,well he knows now she doesnt look at pets as family members,I would dump her so fast.some people dont have a heart.

  • Iatemine

    Wow…this “so-called Girlfriend” is a real sh!tbag!

  • melissa

    Shes a low life person 2 do something like this 2 a man while he’s deployed in harms way

  • Scott McIntosh

    Put her in the outhouse!

  • Heather Murray

    what is the FB page?! I’m sorry but I would be suing the girlfriend and notify the police. I’m sorry but the whole attached children wouldn’t work for me.

  • MayM92

    I went to the soldier’s (Robert Gabbert) profile and found out he was dating this girl Codi Walters in February/March. My guess is that this is the girl who sold the dog.

  • Brian Powell

    Reward hell! Unlawful possession of personal property, or possession of stolen property is a serious charge in any state.

  • FallenHeros

    What a despicable girlfriend and family who bought the dog to not return it in the first place to the deployed soldier. If that were my family that bought that dog I would explain to my kids the moment I found out he was illegally sold that WE ARE DECENT PEOPLE and that we are only dogsitting it from now on for its hero owner who is deployed overseas in a combat zone. I would even offer to watch the dog until the soldier returned as well for free. I would take that harpy to small claims court for the cost I paid for the dog and the cost of watching it everyday thereafter.

  • MCVet

    When I was in the Marines, I had to rent a trailer house while waiting for base housing, and the land lord demanded I get rid of my best friend. He said he would find a home for my small Spuds Mackensie style terrier, house trained dog. Within two weeks I got base housing and went to the land lord to see if I could get my dog back. He had him tied to a tree in his back yard with no dog house and a dirty water dish. Covered in filth. I was infuriated and cussed out the guy and took my dog back. He was so happy to see me, and I felt so bad for abandoning my dog, but felt my family’s comfort was more important. Never ever will I abandon a pet like that again. In fact I have adopted dogs from the humane society.

  • Jay Smith

    if she had done that to me in that situation she would be out on her ass so fast her head would spin

  • chanda

    The people who bought the dog are not bad people unreal for people to say they feel in love with the dog they are heart broke they have to give it back this was no way there fault they didn’t know they bought a dog and feel in love yes the right thing to do is give it back keep in mind it hurts they love the dog how dare anyone say they are bad people they r people who got caught up in this no fault of there’s they love the dog to this hurts them also the only person to blame for this is the gf karma will met up with her one day god bless all involved

  • Rikki Vanfleet

    I’d like to meet this Cunt ex girlfriend so I can muff punch her.

  • Kai Armstrong

    “Now that they know about it, they can do the right thing, they can teach their children this is difficult but we need to do the right thing.”


  • Kimberly

    The dog did not belong to the girlfriend…she had no legal right to sell him!! The police need to get involved and go get that dog… If i was the family the got him all i would ask if for my money back that was payed for him… Iv got 5 kids yes they would be Sad and upset but a good person would exsplain to there kids that the dog truly belongs to a Man that is out fighting for us!!… Say our goodbyes and take that dog home….
    The family that got the dog this message us for you. Return that dog! This Man is risking his life to help make ours safe and you are stealing from him. Think of what you are teaching ur kids right now… You make me sick!! He will get his dog back.. he has the law on his side for this.