You Be The Judge: Should This Violent Child Rapist Be Released From Prison?

“It just tears me apart that he’s out. He’s done with his sentence and my daughter is continuing to serve her life sentence and it’s just not fair,” words from a devastated mother who told Fox 25 just how she felt about the man who ruined her child’s life.

Cory Roberts is a convicted violent predator; his history of attacking young children began at the age of 13. He was released to a half-way house in Washington on Monday.

Kelly McGinnis, a trusting and loving mother, hired Roberts to watch her then 3-year-old little girl. Kelly recalls contacting Roberts after noticing an ad he posted in a local paper for babysitting services a King 5 report said. That was 24 years ago.

The day Kelly hired Roberts not only changed her life, but it left her young daughter battered, scared, brain damaged and bruised forever.

They finally let me see her, and these bruises on her face, on her body were just starting to appear. The doctors were asking me were those there when you left her, and I said no,” King 5 reported.

Police believed the attack was at the hands of Roberts, the child’s babysitter.

Now Kelly’s daughter, according to King 5, has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old child, she has partial paralysis and blindness in one eye – she also has severe brain damage.

Roberts was not only convicted of raping the child and nearly beating her death, but he also served time for “sexually assault two young boys while he was in a juvenile detention center.”

But in 2001, authorities released him back into society – and it wasn’t long before he re-offended again. The NY Daily News said he was convicted of a similar crime where he sexually assaulted a 3-year-old boy.

Thrown back behind bars again, and even listed as a “sexually violent predator,” didn’t stop the system from releasing Roberts back into the public. Kelly is in fear for not only her daughter’s safety, but for those in the local community.

Kelly told King 5, “Knowledge is power. Just be aware, be safe, please. It’s not just ‘cause he’s getting out. It’s because I know he’s going to hurt someone else.

Kelly’s hope, according to the report, is she doesn’t want anyone to forget what Roberts did, and she definitely wants everyone to remember his face.

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  • ErlyMorninBUZZ

    How in the hell does this dumb fuck get free??? Hell he shouldn’t even be alive. Good luck to the people in that neighborhood damn!!

  • Amidee Zumwalt

    What the F*** is wrong with this judicial system???

  • tommy88

    why is he being set free? are the people in charge that stupid thinking he wont do it again? Wait until its one of their children I wonder if they will be so quick to let him out. Sounds like attempted murder what he did to that child, He should never get out.

  • Invicta81

    This is such an enormous miscarriage of justice. This type of offender is not capable of rehabilitation- he has no regard for humanity. He won’t even be monitored by GPS, (other articles are informing of this), so when he does reoffend, there will be less evidence to prove it. The justice system is broken beyond measure.

  • QH

    If the system needed to release someone…should have let a pot smoker go and keep this trash in prison. He’ll do it again….pedophiles do not stop.

  • Anonda

    This monster should have gotten a death sentence, harming a child, in my opinion, is the lowest of lows! Hopefully society gives him the punishment he very well deserves!! Prayers to all families affected by the horrible and devastating things this foul monster has done!

  • Pyro

    People like this do not deserve freedom. Child abuse is the lowest of the low and therefore should have granted him a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

    • Amber Lynn West

      He’s just one in a million who have repeatedly committed violent, and brutal rapes, been in and out of jail yet the system does nothing about it but slap them on the back of the hand. Continue to expect nothing more until we, as parents, sisters, brothers, friends band together and take action demanding harsher sentencing. There’s no reason in the world these individuals should be allowed the freedom of a second chance to take anothers life and destroy it. In my humble opinion, these disgusting individuals need to be destroyed, what purpose do they serve the world other than heartache, pain and misery!

      • Pyro

        I’m looking into being in law enforcement and then eventually DA or Judge. I will be personally seeking their heads

  • timothy hogue

    And we have people doing life for theft

  • Rita P

    This just sickens me. They should have taken that guy and hung him by his balls from a light pole. Maybe that would have taught him a lesson. Why the hell did they let this sum bag out of prison?

  • Miranda Lewis

    This is where the criminal justice system FAILS!!!! It’s crazy how these people can reoffend and they serve a little time and are let back out. These laws and sentences really need to be worked on!!!

  • Elisabeth Viera

    The system is so messed up. This does not make any sense.

  • nvarras7

    Proof that most judges are pedophiles, or just as bad, Liberals.

  • bobbie

    That son of a bitch needs death row what the he’ll is wrong woth the judge system

  • Germaine Montgomery

    No! This shouldn’t even be a question! So many black and Hispanic men locked away in prisons for non violent crimes and this white male has a chance to be freed after raping an innocent child?! Seriously?!

  • Casey

    I wouldn’t wanna live there either!!!! 11 years? Thats too little a sentance for what he did.

  • Maureen Zink

    This guy should but put back in jail. He should not have gotten out.

  • rockowirtz

    Is the parole board illiterate?

  • faith hogue

    This just goes to show that no matter the severity of crime (sexually assaulting) a child/children will continue to be shown leniency while those caught with bag of weed serves more time. Wtf. Think the laws need to be reevaluated. Duh…..

  • Karl N Karissa Crofts

    It’s amazing to me that someone who is carrying drugs on them, or using drugs, who are harming themselves, only!, can get 25 to life… and someone who is clearly harming others, especially children in sick, disgusting ways, can get off scott free, or only serve little sentences here and there. There is something seriously wrong with this justice system!