Teen On Teen Violence: 4 Mean Girls Who Committed Murder

Although youth arrests for murder have fallen 37% between 2003 and 2013, here at Crime Feed we’ve covered a number of disturbing teen murders. When reviewing these sad and twisted cases, a disturbing trend emerged: young females viciously stabbing their neighbors, classmates and even best friends. Below we examine four female, teen killers who will make you wonder if murder rates really have fallen in the last decade.


1. Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez

In March of this year, 16-year-old Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez, stabbed her best friend Anel Baez 65 times after Baez posted nude photos that the girls had taken together. The photos were uploaded to Facebook prior to the attack and Gutierrez expressed early signs of her impending rage on her Twitter feed.

Photos: Facebook


2. Sheila Eddy

In the summer of 2012, West Virginia teen Sheila Eddy, then 16-years-old, lured her classmate and one-time best friend Skylar Nees into the woods and stabbed her to death.

The motive?

Eddy claimed she “didn’t’ want to be friends [with Nees] anymore.”  Eddy pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole in 15 years. Despite pleading guilty, Eddy refused to apologize to the victim’s family.

Photo: Facebook


3. Alyssa Bustamante

In 2009, Alyssa Bustamante, a Missouri teenager admitted to stabbing, strangling and slitting the throat of her 9-year-old neighbor Elizabeth Olten. Following the killing, 15-year-old Bustamante wrote in her journal that is was an “ahmazing” and “pretty enjoyable” experience. After committing the violent act and describing the experience in her diary, she joyfully headed off to church. Bustamante was initially charged with first-degree murder with a mandatory life sentence, but she is now serving a 35-year sentence.


4. Amber Hellesten

Amber Hellesten was charged as an adult in the death of a 14-year-old boy in February of 2013. Unnamed police sources reported that Hellesten was in an argument with the victim before stabbing him in the chest and piercing his heart. Her charges included aggravated assault and simple assault. At 15, Hellesten fell just within the age permissible to charge her as an adult in Pennsylvania.

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  • Kathy Galvan

    Kids need their asses kicked nowadays…30 years ago this isn’t an issue like it is today…why do you think? Keep babying your kids. Idiots

  • Liskula Noyfb

    How does beating your kid or kicking their asses teach them to not be violent Kathy galvan? I bet you all of these girls were beaten on by ignorant parents or teachers or someone close. They obviously were taught to be violent. And if you did a little research you would know that these things did in fact happen 30 years ago.

    • S J C

      No one says be violent with your kids, but a pop on the butt never hurt anyone. I was spanked and turned out fine. I spanked my son and he just graduated from college and is extremely respective and responsible.

      • Liskula Noyfb

        Her comment clearly says beat their kids asses.. Not a pop on the butt… Two different things IMO.

      • Doreen Murphy-Brown

        Agreed, SJC…Never had to do it much. But, they learned consequences and repect. 5 kids, single mom, 2 in college, 2 in HS, 3 are straight A’s, 2 are B and C’s. None do drugs, drink, or pregnant with kids. Yes, they all had their butts whacked, Not beaten.

        • Brad StCyr

          HAHA because every kid goes straight home and tells mom they did drugs. hahahahah you make me laugh

    • Pyro

      Ok, I work at a skating rink and I will tell you what. I can tell which kids are spanked and which kids aren’t. Kids who are spanked are well behaved, respectful, not little shits…the kids who aren’t literally piss on the floor. And that’s not a one time thing either, one of my coworkers quit because one of these devil children pooped in the bathroom and like, spread it around. My grandma used to watch kids and this one kid she used to watch was literally the most spoiled rotten brat I have ever seen, and why? Because he wasn’t beaten when he misbehaved. When he was spanked he cried like a little bitch and threatened to call the police for child abuse.

      • Liskula Noyfb

        My child has never been beaten, she is very well behaved and respectful. How do you explain that?

        • Pyro

          Do you run a strict household?
          My parents never had a real strict household. The way she punished me and my older sister was through spanking. Me and my older sister are functioning, tax-paying adults who didn’t do drugs, weren’t bad kids. The only reason for bad grades were us forgetting to turn in our work. My little sister wasn’t spanked. She mouths off, her grades were horrible and she never does her chores, and when she does she has this rotten look on her face. Now that our step-dad is in the picture her grades have improves greatly but thats only because he’s super strict and she always gets her phone taken away because of her mouth. My older sister and I never got our phone taken away because of our attitude.

          • Liskula Noyfb

            I run a respectful household. I was spanked as a child. I remember feeling unloved and that my mother hated me. I knew she loved me, but for those brief moments I felt hate for her. I feared her. I like so many others accepted being hit as an adult by my husband because that’s how adults act when they are frustrated…right? sadly the outcome of being hit as a child does not appear right away, and it can take decades for reveal its ugly face…teaching violence will never be an option in my household… and to be honest, I believe that any person that hits a child is a child abuser… and if anyone ever hit my child…. I would make sure that person ended up in prison to get beaten regularly…

          • elizhul

            My mom beat (“spanked”) me as a child. I didn’t become a successful productive member of society because of it. I left home too soon at 17, dropped out of school, was introduced to the world of drugs, and got into relationships with men who also beat me. Physical punishment did nothing for me except lower my self esteem, make me feel powerless over my own life, and have zero respect for her or myself. I view her as ahypocrite. We were hit as early as 2 or 3 years old for punishment (or out of anger/frustration) but we would be punishdd if we hit someone. That’s very confusing to a child. As a teenager, I didn’t trust my parents. I feared them. I’ve had to deal with a lot of emotional and mental issues since then to be able to get over what happened as a kid. There are other ways to punish a child for misbehaving other than hitting them. It’s called consequences. A parent’s job is to prepare their children for the real world to become productive members in society. As adults, we don’t get hit for misbehaving or breaking the law. We get fined, imprisoment, community servicd, etc.

          • Liskula Noyfb

            This is the reality of spanking. That’s for having the wherewithal to educate yourself and not continue the horrible cycle of accepted child abuse. And thanks for sharing. Sadly most people that were spanked think “I was spanked and I am ok”, I bet their close friends would disagree. Their egos are so grand yet they have little self esteem. They make this tough alter ego to compensate for the abused child inside of them, then let the ego control them.

          • Amanda T Le

            my ego is not grand at all, just letting you know. before you overgeneralize….just don’t. your last two sentences are really offensive.
            there are people out there who have been abused, and all they want to do is help others.

          • Amanda T Le

            I feel, as if your parents were not the best kind of people…
            I feel as if your parents didn’t punish you, they were just doing it because. and that’s awful, good vibes your way.

    • Nadine Scafe

      I got my ass whupped by my father when I was a kid, and a lot of good it did for me when I was being bullied at school. Check your research.

      • Brad StCyr

        how does you having your ass whupped have anything to do with you being bullied at school. So you go home get hit go to school get hit ya i’m sure you’re a real peach to be around

  • tammy

    I just wonder if these girls dads were in the picture. Just saying..tho there is sociopaths in our society, w/o morals and ethics and anything can be seen on the internet and tv what really do we expect really…..

    • Pyro

      These kids are nothing but sociopaths. No remorse, no morals, they should be put away for life.

  • Doreen Murphy-Brown

    Well putting them in time out, sure as hell don’t teach them. Yes, give parents their parental rights back….Whoop their ass, when it’s needed. Not saying “beating” a child is right, It is not. But whacking ones ass when needed is. There are rules, to go by, and if you can’t teach your children to follow them, and have to use your hand to do so, then yes, do it. Why wait till it turns out like this. Now your child is “life in Prison”. Cause she didn’t want to friends anymore????

    • Liskula Noyfb

      It is frightening to think that all these parent in here are condoning beating a child’s ass… Sad that you didn’t have any other means of discipline other than physical violence. I speak to my child, I communicate with my child. I know my child. I know that I can talk to her and let her no I am unhappy about a certain behavior and she will stop. I respect my child. And she respects me. It’s really very basic. I am sure most of the child abusers (yes that’s what you are) also said things like “this will hurt me more then you

      • Liskula Noyfb

        And also hit their kids when they were frustrated. So it doesn’t stop with one tap on the bum. Maybe the parents should have taken a time out to cool down. Or is it better that your hold fears you? And we wonder why twenty something’s are going on killing sprees? Our society is doomed by this beat a child mentality. Get some smarts people!

      • Brad StCyr

        it’s sad how people in this world think they can solve violence with violence. one quote keeps coming to my mind. “An eye for an eye will only leave the whole world blind”

        • Liskula Noyfb


      • AkWanderer

        I had my butt spanked as a child and I do not feel I was abused, in fact I have an amazing relationship with my parents. I have never committed a crime of any variety and neither have my friends, who also had their butts spanked. My family now has a martial arts school, and 90% of the kids we have come to us with behavior issues and are not punished at home. Coddking children and not teaching respect and not teaching good behavior and letting them do whatever they want is a far bigger problem than spankings when they choose to misbehave.

        • Liskula Noyfb

          Whoever les their kid do whatever they want, deserves the monster they create. And if you scroll up we were talking about a women saying to “kick a kids ass”. Although I do not believe in spanking either as it has proven itself time and again to not work. It makes the parents feel like they have tried their best. And in all reality they have failed miserablely. Not all kids that get spanked end up in a bad place, but then again not all kids that are not spanked end up being terrible either .i always blame the parents, kids are just trying to express themselves in any way they know. So if spanking is what they know, don’t be mad when they fight in school, or bully other kids. Violence will only and can only teach violence. Showing respect and giving respect teaches respect.

    • Solaire of Astora

      Yeh just hit your children that’ll work lol

  • Liskula Noyfb

    All of these child abusers endorsing beating and whopping a kids ass is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves… yeah your kids may do well in college and HS and they may fear you… but when they are 30 years old and are getting beat on by their husbands, and become depressed and hate life… guess what… congratulate yourselves then…a child that gets hit, learns to accept being hit… take it from someone who was hit… most people hit kids cause they were hit and they never cared to educate themselves on different methods of punishment…

    • Amanda T Le

      again with the overgeneralizing and ignorance. kudos to you and your brilliant daughter for being able to communicate, but other families, it’s just not that simple. stop replying to anything and trying to seem like an angel or something, just quit. your posts have been so offensive, this is coming from an abused child. who apparently is so insecure and must be in an abusive relationship because that’s the path my “evil” mother paved for me. give me a fucking break.

  • Liskula Noyfb

    this case may turn out to be self defense… then what? she is just a dumb girl right?


  • Liskula Noyfb
  • Liskula Noyfb

    and just so you all know… the teenage crime rate has gone down in the past few decades, not up… http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/youthviolence/stats_at-a_glance/hr_trends.html

  • Liskula Noyfb
  • Liskula Noyfb
  • Janette Gandy

    All I’m gonna say is spare the rod spoil the child!

  • Ashley Felsman

    I do not spank my children. I use discipline though. I tell them the reason behind their punishments and put them in time out. When they want yo come out, they must explain to me why I punished them and then they must apologize for their behavior. I give them my expectations and they follow my rules. They have chores and get a weekly allowance. If they are good they get even more treats. They have a routine every day so they know what is happening on each day. I teach them respect toward adults and they use manners and are polite. I hate disrespectful and spoiled children. I do blame their parents for their awful behaviors. My children follow the norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors as I teach them. I have them repeat what I say to them so they have a clear understanding before we go to the store or to other public places. They are marvelous children. And it requires no violence at all. They look to positive role models and act accordingly. They say “Yes Mom”. I am a single Mother but take the time to teach them how to be good children. Everyone compliments me on how good they are.

    • Liskula Noyfb

      I too am a single mother and I get told daily by all kinds of people that my daughter has impeccable manners. In her entire life she has had 4 tantrums , and we spoke about it and I explained that she will get nothing positive in life if this is how she communicates her needs. I think the key is that I started talking to her before she could even crawl. I was never to goo goo ga ga baby babble mom, and now my daughter has an unbelievable vocabulary or hundreds of words. She is not even 2.5 yet. I also notice that it is young mothers and fathers that turn to violence with their kids. They simply do not have patience.

  • shanealder28

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  • I recall walking out of Serendipity with my grandson years ago and he cursed a man entering who had just pushed past him. He was about 7 years old and when we got outside I popped him upside the head and told him to watch his mouth. I also explained to him that he cannot change someone’s behavior by acting just as ignorant as they have. A police cruiser just happened to come by at that very moment. The officer on the passenger side, glared at me. I finally said, “YES officer, I know you saw me hit him and I did it so one day you won’t have to.” The officer signaled his partner to pull off. My grandson is now 15 and in pre-law.