World News Wednesday: Italian Man Allegedly Kills His Wife And Kids, Heads Off To The Pub To Watch The World Cup

We all know the World Cup is a Very Big Deal outside the United States. However, we never quite suspected it could be used as an alibi.

For 31-year-old Carlo Lissi, he was hoping it might be just that. The Italian was arrested for the murder of his wife and two young children this weekend. The bodies of 38-year-old Cristina Omes and their two children, age 5 and 20 months, were found by police on Sunday morning, knifed to death.

Lissi allegedly put his children to bed and made love to his wife that evening. He then stabbed and slit her throat as she later watched television. After that, he did the same to his two young children before heading off to a local pub to watch Italy’s match against England in the World Cup. Along the way, he reportedly tossed the murder weapon down a manhole cover. He remained at the pub for a few hours before heading back to his house, where he initially claimed to have found the house burgled and feigned shock at the deaths of his wife and children. Police noticed that there was no sign of forced entry, and the family’s safe had been opened without any apparent use of force.

Police arrested Lissi later that day for the crimes, and he confessed to authorities while in police custody. He claimed that he was in love with a female colleague at work (who, it should be noted, apparently did not return his affections), and wanted to free himself of his family. Lissi has reportedly requested the maximum sentence be given to him for the crime. In Italy, this is life imprisonment.

The Italian news agency ANSA brings us this report in Italian.

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  • Tina Bryant Williams

    Nope hang him prision is to good for him.

  • melissa

    I say the Death penalty but I guess a mother and her 2 seet kids isn’t worth the Death penalty

  • Elena

    Life imprisonment? We wish! He’ll be out in 20 years or even less. That’s how the system works in Italy. It’s shameful and unacceptable!