Arizona Death Row Inmate “Gasps And Snorts” For 2 Hours After Botched Lethal Injection

The Arizona Attorney General pronounced Tom Horne officially dead at 3:49 p.m., but this execution was not instantaneous and it took much longer than a matter of minutes.

Reports say Horne was convicted of killing his estranged girlfriend 29-year-old Debbie Dietz and her father 55-year-old Gene Dietz inside a Tucson, AZ repair shop back in 1989. Horne was sentenced to death and finally executed on Wednesday afternoon.

According to ABC, the execution did not go smoothly and it took nearly two full hours for Horne to die. During the execution, the report said Wood was “gasping and snorting for more than an hour.”

His attorney’s tried to appeal while the execution was taking place, but a judge did not stop what was happening. Horne’s defense attorney, Dale Baich, told ABC it was a “botched execution that should have taken 10 minutes.

Despite how long it took Horne to die, the victim’s sister, Jeane Brown, had zero sympathy. She said this was nothing compared to what her family had to endure and, “I don’t believe he was gasping for air. I don’t believe he was suffering. This man deserved it.

According to ABC, Horne’s execution is Arizona’s third since last October.

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  • Richard-Vicki Prewitt

    Really! And what do you think happened to his victims as they were dying? I’m sure they didn’t die right away……tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye.

  • Scarlet Angel

    He deserved every last bit of those two hours. No mercy for murderers!!!!

  • MrBill Bower

    Had they used the guillotine there would definitely be no suffering….and it way more cool to watch than gas.

    • Fernanda Carrera

      …and cheaper too.

      • Armoured Fury

        Aye gotta shave back on them pennies.

  • A Stitch in Grace

    Boohoo. He deserved it.

  • Callcall35

    Wow! So they need to be retrained! Give me a break! The cop that killed that guy should be charged with murder

  • michael145

    There was a movie I saw as a kid about the Holocaust where the Jews who knew the Nazis were coming for them took this pill and died within minutes. Does this pill actually exist or was that just made up for the movie, and if it does exist why can’t this pill be made into an injection for these executions? Just wondering.

    • Armoured Fury

      I can see it now:
      “Just take two of these with a glass of milk and off ya pop, luv.”

    • Aisling WeaverofDreams


  • Sandy Schimitis

    The victims families said it sounded more like he was snoring. They left that out. Dr. Kevorkian has said in the past with assisted suicide they can snore. He said it puts them to sleep, (snoring) then death. So the media is hyping up that this killer suffered. That’s insulting these poor victims and there families.



  • ddxne

    Actually, witnesses said he was asleep and snoring.

  • Peach69

    Well wat can i say other than he kne wat he did waz awful n coldhearted

  • Guest

    The drugs are not strong enough and that is just something that the government should not be executing people if they can’t even do the job right! I’m sorry…but come on?

  • Jacqueline Thomson

    The drugs are not strong enough because the government wants to cheap out….they should not be executing people if they can’t even do the job right…I’m sorry but come on? He may have deserved this fate but that is ridiculous!

  • mikayla

    Why is it that whenever somebody kills somebody and the perp gets the death sentence that they worry about humane treatment? He killed two people! What he got was fair. Nobody thinks about the victim ever in these situations, what did they endear? He was a pos and got what was coming to him.

  • teri frey

    I’m disgusted with people! How can one day these criminals “deserve” to be put to death and go through painful botched executions??? I know what they’ve done is horrendous…. but murder is wrong no matter who’s doing the killing! It’s a hypocrite! And…..How many innocent men and women have been put to death? The death penalty teaches nothing! Solves nothing! It’s barbaric. So many men and women have terrible drug addictions and commit their crimes due to that. Once they are in prison and are clean, some do rehabilitate. And life in prison, with a daily reminder of what they’ve done IS punishment. Killing them is a terrible travesty and can not right the wrongs they have done.

    • American Sheepeople

      What about their VICTIMS you self centered douche bag!!

      • teri frey

        Killing the killers won’t bring the victims back. It’s hypocritical to say it’s wrong to kill, therefore the punishment is to kill! Life behind bars is a punishment! You probably picket outside abortion clinics about prolife, yet are pro death penalty! And yet it’s me that is the “douche bag”. Do you know how many innocent people are killed on death row? You are ignorant!

        • Dale Hensley

          It’s very effective at preventing them from killing again. Just because someone is sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole does not prevent them from killing again. They are clearly a danger to others. The officers, civilian staff and other inmates are exposed to these killers and can be killed by them. So if they kill officers, civilian staff and other inmates that is acceptable? I think not! While nothing can “right the wrongs they have done”, they shouldn’t be kept around waiting for them to escape and/or kill again.

          • teri frey

            If that is the case…. there are serial killers like BDK who got life in prison. He hasn’t killed since he went to prison. How many times do you turn on the TV and hear about another murderer on death row who killed another guard? They sit there for 20 some years before they’re executions. Your theory is bunk.

          • teri frey

            And….. if it’s that easy to escape and/or kill in prison, the state needs to figure out what is wrong with the prison system and fix it!

          • Dale Hensley

            Teri Frey, I’m so happy you live in Fantasy Land! Ask Jayme Biendl what she thinks about this. Oh wait, she’s dead. She was strangled by one of these jerks who was serving a life in prison with no parole sentence. April 10, 2017, Killers Denver Simmons and Jacob Theophilus were serving their life w/o parole sentences when the killed four other inmates. April 22, 2017 Patrick Shroeder killed another inmate while serving his Life w/o parole sentence. 2015 upstate New York, two life w/o parole offenders escaped causing a man hunt where one of the killers was shot and killed while pointing a firearm at pursuing officers. The other was shot and captured. April 14, 2017, Robert Dezwaan convicted killer escaped his mandatory life sentence for murder. In 2013 there were 10.5 escapes for every 10,000 prisoners. There are many, many more Correction Officers and inmates who have been killed recently. That doesn’t include devastating injuries inflicted to Staff and other inmates that don’t result in death. In Washington State a few years ago, Charles Rodman Campbell escaped wile he was sentenced for kidnapping and rape. He hunted down his victim and killed her, her child and the neighbor lady who happened to be visiting her. And lets not forget the recent prison riot where one of four officers who were taken hostage was killed, not to mention the other inmates who were also murdered. There is no reason to keep these people around so they can kill more with no repercussions. I do believe the BDK killer and the Green River Killer should have been sentenced to death. However the courts didn’t make that a sentence for them for whatever reasons. I’ve worked in corrections and with killers and you have no clue.

          • teri frey

            Nearly 160 men have been freed from death row… exonerated of murders they did not commit. How many of them weren’t that lucky?! Richard Eugene Gossip was nearly put to death three times. He is an innocent man on death row for 19 years. Is that justice? You are wrong! Killing is wrong ….. No matter who it is! I’m done talking to you and listening to all your ignorance.

          • Dale Hensley

            I feel sorry for you that you believe facts that you don’t like equal ignorance.

          • teri frey

            You have YOUR facts that back up your belief in your mind that killing is OK. I feel sorry for YOU…..Because you, and those who believe as you do, are no better than the men prosecuted for murders. You think murder is OK if you can justify it. That’s what men in prison think….” their victims had it coming to them “. YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT! Your mentality is barbaric, and Neanderthal!

          • Dale Hensley

            Some times a life needs to be taken to save more lives. Criminals who go out and take innocent lives have forfeited their right to live. They deserve the ultimate penalty.

          • teri frey

            That’s your opinion. I don’t agree. I just don’t believe it’s right to kill anyone for any reason.

          • Dale Hensley

            That’s OK Teri, we have different opinions. Bye the way, Inmate Cedric Saunders (22 years old)was murdered today by another killer today in the Salinas Valley State Prison in California.

          • teri frey

            I’m sorry to hear that. Truly I am. And I’m sad that innocent men sit on death row awaiting execution.

          • teri frey

            Was he murdered by a death row inmate?

          • Dale Hensley

            No Teri, he was murdered by a killer who was sentenced to life with out parole. Since then(4-27-17), in North Carolina, Sgt. Megan Lee Callavan of the Berti Creek Corrections Center was murdered by another killer sentenced to life w/o parole named Craig Wissink.

      • teri frey

        Such language. You sound very angry. You should get help for that before you hurt someone.

  • Luke Lee

    Murdering a human being does not fix any problem.
    And in many cases with innocent people, they don’t just murder a guilty human being but a innocent human being.
    Now two and more and more families are shattered.