Arizona Death Row Inmate “Gasps And Snorts” For 2 Hours After Botched Lethal Injection

The Arizona Attorney General pronounced Tom Horne officially dead at 3:49 p.m., but this execution was not instantaneous and it took much longer than a matter of minutes.

Reports say Horne was convicted of killing his estranged girlfriend 29-year-old Debbie Dietz and her father 55-year-old Gene Dietz inside a Tucson, AZ repair shop back in 1989. Horne was sentenced to death and finally executed on Wednesday afternoon.

According to ABC, the execution did not go smoothly and it took nearly two full hours for Horne to die. During the execution, the report said Wood was “gasping and snorting for more than an hour.”

His attorney’s tried to appeal while the execution was taking place, but a judge did not stop what was happening. Horne’s defense attorney, Dale Baich, told ABC it was a “botched execution that should have taken 10 minutes.

Despite how long it took Horne to die, the victim’s sister, Jeane Brown, had zero sympathy. She said this was nothing compared to what her family had to endure and, “I don’t believe he was gasping for air. I don’t believe he was suffering. This man deserved it.

According to ABC, Horne’s execution is Arizona’s third since last October.

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  • Richard-Vicki Prewitt

    Really! And what do you think happened to his victims as they were dying? I’m sure they didn’t die right away……tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye.

  • Scarlet Angel

    He deserved every last bit of those two hours. No mercy for murderers!!!!

  • MrBill Bower

    Had they used the guillotine there would definitely be no suffering….and it way more cool to watch than gas.

    • Fernanda Carrera

      …and cheaper too.

      • Armoured Fury

        Aye gotta shave back on them pennies.

  • A Stitch in Grace

    Boohoo. He deserved it.

  • Callcall35

    Wow! So they need to be retrained! Give me a break! The cop that killed that guy should be charged with murder

  • michael145

    There was a movie I saw as a kid about the Holocaust where the Jews who knew the Nazis were coming for them took this pill and died within minutes. Does this pill actually exist or was that just made up for the movie, and if it does exist why can’t this pill be made into an injection for these executions? Just wondering.

    • Armoured Fury

      I can see it now:
      “Just take two of these with a glass of milk and off ya pop, luv.”

    • Aisling WeaverofDreams


  • Sandy Schimitis

    The victims families said it sounded more like he was snoring. They left that out. Dr. Kevorkian has said in the past with assisted suicide they can snore. He said it puts them to sleep, (snoring) then death. So the media is hyping up that this killer suffered. That’s insulting these poor victims and there families.



  • ddxne

    Actually, witnesses said he was asleep and snoring.

  • Peach69

    Well wat can i say other than he kne wat he did waz awful n coldhearted

  • Guest

    The drugs are not strong enough and that is just something that the government should not be executing people if they can’t even do the job right! I’m sorry…but come on?

  • Jacqueline Thomson

    The drugs are not strong enough because the government wants to cheap out….they should not be executing people if they can’t even do the job right…I’m sorry but come on? He may have deserved this fate but that is ridiculous!

  • mikayla

    Why is it that whenever somebody kills somebody and the perp gets the death sentence that they worry about humane treatment? He killed two people! What he got was fair. Nobody thinks about the victim ever in these situations, what did they endear? He was a pos and got what was coming to him.