Last Seen Alive: Pamela Biggers Is Still Missing. Can You Help?

moica_caison_squareby: Monica Caison

MISSING SINCE: 27 JAN 2008 from Panama City, Florida – Age at disappearance: 52

Pamela Biggers disappeared without a trace in the midst of hotel staff, team members from her work place, and a very active beach town. This case has presented many challenges in locating her, as a tourist is hard to reach once leaving their vacation area and most are not on high alert as they are visiting the area for entertainment and relaxation. Pamela never has received national media attention so almost the entire country has no clue she even became missing, this fact holds true for many of our adult missing persons.

In the case onset, there were ground searches conducted by law officials but the family was and has remained the driving force in all attempts to locate her. There have been poster campaigns, massive postcard mailings to shelters, homeless organizations, hospitals and even churches. Many tips came in and those we and the family were aware of did get attention and hundreds of miles have been driven to seek out the truth; to date, none have produced the whereabouts of Pamela Biggers.

The challenges in this case are great! Pamela was experiencing mental health issues that concerned her family. They were seeking avenues for medical care for her when this out of town job for Pamela arose. To no avail could her loved ones stop her from going on this business trip and she had begun to rebel somewhat in their attempts to help her.

She was “hearing voices”, seeing things that made her paranoid, and was displaying obsessive interest in the current news of the war; her co-workers explained she could maintain these behaviors during hours but admitted they had witnessed other odd behaviors after her disappearance. Pamela’s behaviors were not daily or constant in nature, most days she was very well organized in preparation for work and her planning of a task ahead and communicated well with others. During her visits with a doctor she had not reached a full medical diagnosis yet. This now leaves the search effort to look for someone we believe may truly be lost, possibly in her own realty, fearing she was in the onset of something far more demanding of medical treatment.

In addition to the challenge of her mental health issue we also have a woman who could (at the time she vanished) be fully operational with few possible set backs. She also possessed a respectable look about herself and can communicate well. Most importantly, she was able to move around, meaning she could travel. Over the years sightings have been from various areas, most have been in the state of Florida. The issue is that this is a very large state and in the larger cities anyone can become a fixture and go unnoticed.

Searching for Pamela was my greatest difficulty and heartbreak combined. I experienced firsthand those who live on the streets: The Homeless. The homeless population in Florida alone is devastating with many people sleeping along the street, long lines in front of shelters for nightly lodging and food distribution. Most of these people were thrown away from a young age or products of our youth system that failed them. Thousands are in need of mental healthcare and many are veterans who our nation has forgotten. I found that each person had a story and their commonalties seemed to have rebelled at some point or people simply gave up on them.

I was overwhelmed in the thought of how many people could be a reported missing person and that nothing was in place to help them find their way back home. I became furious that there is little accountability in our system and that it does enable these people to stay homeless, in fact the homeless are protected under the privacy laws while families across the nation are searching for their loved ones. It is insanity to say the least. Doors were slammed in my face, most people in the industry were less than helpful and some refused to even discuss if a person had been there or not even when posters of the missing lined every corner and even at the entry ways leading to the homeless facilities. Communities at large are immune to the presence or existence of the homeless.

Running down the many tips, speaking to people, and searching through archives of a small church in central Florida, I believed this pastor and his secretary in fact encountered Pamela as well as the tipsters further south. I had a sense she was taken in, protected and educated by the homeless population and could be traveling around, as the homeless explained to me does happen. At one point we landed in Miami searching for her only to discover the sadness I spoke about prior, feeling lost now myself in the task, realizing we need more help to find her.

I am hopeful the show “Last Seen Alive” will serve this case in the awareness that it desperately needs, and that the one tip we need will come forth, leading us in a direction that will bring forth a resolution for the Pamela Biggers case. Although she has not been found yet, our search for her has proven that there is still hope that she is out there and we stand firm in our dedication to find her.

Pamela is still missing, if you have any information on her, or her whereabouts please contact The Bay County Sheriff’s Department, Florida at 850-747-4700.

Pamela’s stats:



SEX: Female

RACE: Caucasian

EYES: Green

HAIR: Grey

HEIGHT: 5’2”

WEIGHT: 135 lbs

MANNERISMS: May appear confused

Monica Caison has dedicated 20 years of her life to the search for missing persons. In 1994, she launched the non-profit CUE Center for Missing Personswhich has since processed more than 9,000 cases across North America.



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